Friday, 26 May 2006

Rotary Club of West Perth Movie Night + Wine Tasting

If anyone interested one of our sponsoring clubs is organising a movie night that sounds good: Details below for anyone interested:

More information at:

The Windsor Cinema would like some idea of numbers for staffing levels.

Movie: Da Vinci Code + Wine Tasting
Date: This Saturday Evening 27th May
Where: Windsor Cinema, 98 Stirling Highway Nedlands (just past UWA)
Cost: $12

5.45pm - Wine Tasting starts
6.30pm - Movie starts

Date: Tuesday 6th June
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Reid Library Coffee Shoop

This is just a social meeting where everyone can have a break from exams and chat over a nice... ok a cheap cup of coffee. Just a little wrap up for the Semester and the coffee is on me :)

Just keeping everyone in the loop on the wesbite. The About Us has been updated thanks to Daniel our Publications Officer, along with two new sites that will be created soon that can lead people to a Gallery Site for us being organised by Rachael or Kylie. Will also establish a site to house past events information so we can look back over the year at the Clubs progress.

Good luck everyone for Exams and I hope you get lots of study done and dont stress too much. Just think 3 weeks of hell then a whole world of partying! Good luck.
Neil President 2006

Monday, 22 May 2006


As you should all be aware is on this Wednsday and our club is helping out with the event by delivering tins to cafes in the hopes that people donate money for cancer council research. Being organised by Jamaica and Kylie and I believe they need help on the Tuesday and Wednesday, so drop them a line if you can help out. Will talk more about it the meeting on Tuesday!

Date: 23 May
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Social Sciences G207 near Oak Lawn
Special: TED guest speeker

This meeting will discuss plans for Australias Biggest Morning Tea, with help needed after meeting handing out tins. Event is on the Wednesday and being organised by Kylie and Jamaica. Also will discuss Telethon, PMH abseiling as you do and Cadbury Chocolate Drive as we need to sell those chocolates!! Ill see everyone tomorrow.

Saturday, 20 May 2006


This was another brilliant event that combined a joint social event with an inauguration of some of this years members! Wine was flowing, talk was heated and the food was flowing into plates. An honourable mention goes to Subiaco Rotaract and the person who made the best Kahlua chocolate moose I have ever had in my entire life. A dishonourable mention also goes to Cynthia from Subiaco Rotaract for her coconout.... uhemm hmmmm :) And the winner is [drum rolls] Lauren, our International Service Representative who both hosted and organized the entire event and made it a huge success, thankyou!

It was a great event, a good laugh and it was brilliant that there was was such a good turnout. So as the international community would say a massive THANKYOU, MERCI, TODA, DOH JE, DANKE, GRAZIE, TACK & in New Zealand CHEERS for attending our international dinner.

Monday, 15 May 2006

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea so far.

URGENT: Volunteers Needed
WHEN: Thursday 18th May
WHY: Travelling streets convincing businesses to help above charity

On Thursday 18th May a team of people are needed to travel around from 11:00am asking businesses to help support the Biggest Morning Tea by having tins or donating a part of there sales to charity for the event being held on the 25th May.

We need everyone to get involved and we have a letter from Neil thats been organised, with all the hard work completed! We need all the help we can get to walk the streets selling the event, so if anyone can help let me know. If this time is bad then let me know a time that would suit you and between us im sure we can all get out there and help spread the word and raise some needed money.

Thanks Guys,

“We had it all, fast cars, loud cars and an even bigger bang in a massive fireball of fireworks."

Cars were flying thick and fast around the corners, they were tipped over, ripped apart and stalled as roofs were ripped off and tyres fell apart before a roaring crowd. We had it all, fast cars, loud cars and an even bigger bang in a massive fireball of fireworks. One driver, was even spirited away by awaiting medics, leaving his body in ruins and me with an empty wallet. I think you know who got the raw end of that deal!! Ohh but for the love of the race!!

All this and more crashed and roared at the Quit Motorplex stands as the Rotary Club of Claremont raised funds for CANCER RESEARCH. Our club was represented by Jules and Neil, who after a fortifying Indian Dinner donned on crazy wigs and fluoro shirts, sweeping the stadium for donations. We liked to call ourselves the silver team for our crazy silver wigs and we managed to help raise over $2166 dollars for cancer research. It was good fun and for a bloody good cause!

The BBQ was a huge success and a massive THANKYOU to everyone that gave there time to help on the day, there time organising the event and their efforts to gain donations. Also a big thankyou to all our sponsors who donated food goods, with a special mention for Bakers Delight Whitford City for their huge contribution.

As a club we managed to riase about $500 dollars for Youth Focus and after the sale of cadbury chocolates we will present Youth Focus with a final cheque. Once again a big THANKYOU. The day was a huge success, a good laugh and we were even helped by the Ref fire alarm going off! A thankyou letter also needs to be sent to all those organizations that donated food stuff, signed by the President, so I need to know all the names of the businesses that we need to thank!

Twas indeed a big success :)

Thursday, 11 May 2006



For those of you wishing to volunteer in the Telethon phone rooms as a
part of Rotaract team, here is what you will need to do:

• Be willing to pay approximately $18 for the Telethon Phoneroom t-shirt
• Be available ALL WEEKEND over Sat 28th & Sun 29th October 2006 (as we
don’t know what shift we get until closer to the date)

Anyone interested needs to send me ( their
details (listed below) by May 30th 2006, so that I can have it all
neatly packaged and sent to the Rotaract Club of South Perth, who is
taking charge of this event.

Full Name:
Work Phone #:
Home Phone#:
Mobile Phone#:
Age (if under 21):
Drivers Licence #:
Email Address:
T-shirt Size (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL):
How many years you’ve volunteered for the Telethon phone room before:

If anyone has a friend or partner also wanting to participate, they
are more than welcome to do so... But please be aware that they will
be doing so under the registration of Rotaract and should behave and
present themselves the same way that every other Rotaractor is
expected to. It is important to keep up this standard so that Rotaract
is invited to participate in future Telethons and possibly other
Channel 7 events.



Saturday, 6 May 2006


Social Sciences G209

Guest Speeker = Ted (our own Rotary Ambassador from America)

This Tuesday we will be welcoming some new members, having some golden oj and coffee. Chat about the awesome game on the weekend, the brill Freo victory, but the disgraceful booing by the Fremantle supporters of poor defencless Judd!! Im not biased :) Then after the fist fights have died down, Ted will be giving us a presentation on good ol USA and his Ambassadorial Scholarship, a scholarship open for everyone to partake in.