Friday, 24 November 2006


Christmas is coming!! And Subiaco Rotaract Invites you to..

Our club Christmas 'do' is coming up, so wack it in your diaries!

Details are...
Where: Shenton Park Lake (yes this is the real name!), on Excelsior Street in Shenton Park
When: 5pm til late, 10 December
Bring: BBQ food & drinks AND a Kris Kindle present to the value of $10.

Partners and friends invited - the more the merrier :-)

Friday, 27 October 2006



This is Neil here and I have been presented with an amazing opportunity that inspired me to get involved and share it with Rotaract, as I need help from willing people to become facilitators and to take on a leading role in the project.

I have been asked to represent our State of WA on a Nationwide initiative called Project Australia, that aims to organise a nation-wide night of discussion to be held on 2nd of December 2006 for young people, asking the simple question of “what can we do about the future of Australia.”

On December 2, 2006, people in towns and cities around Australia will assemble in small groups to discuss what concerns them most about where Australia is heading and what they can do to create a better future.

I sent this to you because I know you might be interested and intrigued about what happens in Australia and the wider world. And it is something simple and relatively painless to get involved in. The idea is for facilitators to offer to host one of these meetings, with a map of meetings generated across Australia showing that youth do care, we are engaged and we do have opinions that count.

The night aims to stimulate new connections, ideas and directions forward for people who want to create a better state and Australia. The motivation was inspired by experiences of youth who feel misrepresented by left wing activism, frightened by neo-liberal ideology, distressed with religious conservatism and wary of joining an all-consuming political party. (This Project is not associated with any political party)

This is a totally new venture that has never been attempted by the youth of Australia and if you could read it and identify a few people that would be interested that would be brilliant.

We have an opportunity to make a difference or at least have some fun in the process and I am seeking any interested people willing to take on a leadership role and become a facilitator that is willing to host a meeting on December the 2nd for up to 12 or so people to discuss any and all issues they feel are relevant to the future of our country.

More information can be found at the projects website at

Cheers Neil

Wednesday, 25 October 2006


The Rotary Club of Malaga is holding a Masquerade Dance on 28th October to raise funds for youth initiatives.

Details are...
Where: Talk of the Town Ballroom & Function Centre, 4 Carson Rd Malaga
Time: 8pm til 1am
Cost: $20

BYO supper. Licensed bar. There will be door prizes, spot prizes and raffles.

For bookings please call Trevor on 0418940309 or Patricia Canning on 0448 801 499.


Is anyone interested in coming to the Como Interact Club Quiz Night this Saturday night?I've registered a table with three from South Perth (myself, Veronica & her fiance Daniel)... but we need another 5 people to come along!

When: 6pm, Saturday 28 October 2006(That's THIS Saturday and it should finish by 9pm - so there's still time for people to go out afterwards if they want to!)
Where:Como Secondary CollegePerforming Arts CentreBruce St, Como
Tickets are $10 per person. (And there will also be raffles and an auction on the night.) Not to mention some AWESOME PRIZES and a fun time to be had by all!The Interact Club of Como have organised this event along and all funds raised will go to Princess Margaret Hospital and Como Interact's "The Shoebox Project" to send school supplies to overseas children in need.

Anyone interested email Maya,

Cheers Neil

Saturday, 21 October 2006


Dont forget everyone Telethon is on this Sunday 22nd and we are meeting at a new location!!

Time: 6:00am at the very latest to hand out T-shirts and Id stickers
Venue: Phone Room located at Sunday Times Newpaper Room, James St in the city
Parking: Free parking organised and you need to call Jamaica to gain the free parking


Monday, 16 October 2006

Next Uni Meeting
Date: Tuesday 17th October
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Social Sciences G207 near oak lawn

Congrads on everyone that attended and sold tickets for our Movie Night, it was a huge success!! This is our last official meeting at uni and lots to get through. De-brief from movie night, cadbury chocolates to sell, money to hand out to ppl, holiday events to organise and two special guests from Rotary. Plus we have a new sister club in North Carolina that we should vote on!!

Hope to see everyone there

Thursday, 5 October 2006

Members of the Club please arrive at 7:30 to help set up!!

Date: Friday 6th October
Time: 8:30pm
Cost: $12 = great value when a normal ticket costs $14.50 plus we provide tasty REFRESHMENTS before the movie to satisfy hunger and thirst.
Location: Windsor Cinema, 98 Stirling Highway
For: Hope For Children

Thursday, 28 September 2006

Next Uni Meeting
Date: Tuesday 3rd September
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Social Sciences G207 near oak lawn

Dont forget to sell tickets everyone!!! Make sure you get the names and numbers of the tickets that you sell to people, just to help orgnaisation. It will be a good night and we need over 100 people to make sure the ticket prices are reasonably low, so that we actually raise money :) Also if you dont have tickets yet, drop me a line and i will get some for you.

From el Pres

Tuesday, 19 September 2006


Date: Friday 6th October

Time: 8:30pm

Cost: $12 = great value when a normal ticket costs $14.50 plus we provide tasy REFRESHMENTS before the movie to satisfy hunger and thirst.

Location: Windsor Cinema, 98 Stirling Highway

RSVP: Send an email order to or buy them direct from a UWA Rotaract Member. Please pre-book tickets to help organise refreshments before the movie.


Info: Meryl Streep is so good in "The Devil Wears Prada" that she elevates a breezy comedy into one of the most entertaining and rewarding movies of the year. The Oscar-winning actress plays boss-from-hell Miranda Priestly, the editor-in-chief of fashion magazine Runway, who hires meek college graduate Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) as her new assistant. RATED PG and 4.5 Stars

Cheers Neil


  • Every member needs to sell if possible TEN tickets each: ideas of who to sell them to are immediate family, grandparents, friends, associates, mailmen, mailwoman (for politcal correctness), local dictators, doctors and neighbours to name a few
  • Tickets will be handed out at the Monday 25th Night Time Coffe Meeting at 6:00pm
  • Although if you cant make it to that meeting, come to the Movie Night Tuesday 26th 1:00pm meeting at usual uni place where more tickets can be handed out
  • Each person will be given TEN tickets to sell for the event so get cracking advertising :)
  • I will see you all at the movies!! Even if it is a chick flick :(
Monday 25th Night Time Coffee
Date: Monday 25th September 6:00pm
Location: Tiamo's Cafe/Restaurant
which is located near uni on Hampden Road, Nedlands
Details: Neil el Presidento and Kylie el VIP
can drive ppl from uni if a lift is needed

This is a night time social meeting, where tickets for the movie night will be handed out as we all need to sell as many tickets as we possibly can!! We will also share in a warm coffee beverage and a good hearty chat. We will also discuss details of the upcoming Soap Box Speech Night, and if you run out of witty conversation we need to come up with Questions for the night, Debate Topics and people to take part. So come down for a coffee and share your thoughts.


Thursday, 14 September 2006

Next Uni Meeting
Date: Tuesday 5th September
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Social Sciences G207 near oak lawn

Important Meeting regarding date of the Movie Night and latest update on the Hillarys Boat Harbor Amazing Race. Everyone please bring a gold donation and if you havent officially registers as a member we need 5 bucks to set u up as an official member.


Monday, 11 September 2006

Finally Sicilian Social Dinner
Has Arrived!!!

Date: Tuesday 12th September (This Week!!)
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Sicilian Cafe & Bar 480 Hay Street, Subiaco Italian Restaurant
Special: $10 all pizza and pasta


A Social Gathering, for a reasonable pizza and pasta night. It will be a laugh and a cry so say if you are coming for numbers. Definitly will be happenning so make sure you get on board.

I can drive some ppl from uni so just let me know if you need a lift.


Saturday, 2 September 2006

Next Uni Meeting
Date: Tuesday 5th September
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Social Sciences G207 near oak lawn

A meeting on events upcoming in the calendar ie Movie Night, Telethon, ECU Quiz Night, Professional Development Speech Night, Hillarys Amazing Race & any social outings planned for the semester and beyond. So feel free to add to the discussion and bring any more ideas of things we can get stuck into. Also interested in developing the idea on selling cookies for the children in Africa Aids campaign. Lots going on so we need help getting stuck into it.


Wednesday, 30 August 2006


Hello all,
Hope you are well and enjoying the semester...
Just a quick email reinviting you to  the STATE ROTARACT BASH 2006:
When: This Sunday September 3rd
  • A day of fun
  • Chance learn about the history, projects and roles that you can have in the rotaract executive or club 
  • To meet all the other rotaractors in our state,
  • Hear from the State Rotaract Governor
  • Hear from 2 great leadership speakers,
  • Have a top notch champagnue break and lunch (for just $15)
  • Best and one of the nly ways to learn about all the tasks and roles a club psn holder is too undertake
Who is invited: All Rotaract members, interested friend and family
Where: Niche Conference Centre, 11 Aberdare Rd, Nedlands
Time: 2 options for attendance
Option 1
Come 9:30 until 4pm -> Champagne Breakfast and Lunch Included
Option 2
Come 9:30-1 or 12:30-4 -> One meal included  -> this option provided if you have a fathers day plans in the morning or afternoon but wish to attend the other part of the day
Also of you sleep in the seminars do not start until 10:45 so come then :)
Cost: $15 full day or $10 half day
RSVP: TO me at if you would like to attend or msg me on 0411 403 721...anytime before this Sunday
It will be great day and I strongly recommend you all really do get so much out of it
Have a great day

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Friday, 25 August 2006

Next Uni Meeting
Date: Tuesday 22nd August
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Social Sciences G207 near oak lawn

A meeting on events upcoming in the calendar ie Movie Night, Telethon, ECU Quiz Night, Professional Development Speech Night, Hillarys Amazing Race & any social outings planned for the semester and beyond. So feel free to add to the discussion and bring any more ideas of things we can get stuck into. Also interested in developing the idea on selling cookies for the children in Africa Aids campaign. Lots going on so we need help getting stuck into it.
Relay for Life
24-25 March 2007. We can get a team together

Before the EventRegister a team of 10 - 15 people from your workplace, club or interest group, family and friends. A Team working together to achieve an individual fundraising goal of $100 or more. Team registration of $15 per team member provides a t-shirt and complete fundraising support.

On the DayTo complete a walk or run style relay with your teams common goal of passing a baton around the track for 24 hours. Relay for Life is 24 hours because cancer never sleeps. Camp overnight enjoy a free healthy breakfast entertainment and prize incentives.

As part of her ex-presidential duties, our current International Director, Lauren Basanovic, has been busy attending State Rotaract meetings with the other past presidents to organise a special day for all Rotaracters from all clubs to attend a day function where we will have some fun together, learn about Rotaract and develop our leadership and service to Rotaract.

What: A Statewide Rotaract Bash
When: Sunday 3rd September
Time: 9:30am
Where: Niche Conference Centre
11 Aberdare Rd, Nedlands

Who: All active members of the WA rotaract clubs will be invited
Cost: $15 per person and includes brunch, lunch and afternoon tea

There will be : - our states most experienced rotaractors who will go through the history, functioning and resolve practical problems that arise when running a club. - reknowned guest speakers who will run us through charity and leaderhsip skills training - copius amounts of food (a champagne breakfast, lunch and arfternoon tea will be provided) - fun and a few lili crazy hassan style games - a chance to meet all other rotaractors..

Its very important that we all attend, so please set aside Sunday the 27th August - thats next Sunday - for this event. Please again post your attendance on the blog or let Lauren know in person at the meeting.

Important need numbers so please RSVP by emailing Lauren or leaving a message on the Blog


Thursday, 17 August 2006

Next Uni Meeting

Date: Tuesday 22nd August
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Social Sciences G207 near oak lawn

Our meeting will be regarding latest developments in the organization. Need to begin organizing things etc. Time will be allocated to each Committee Member to talk about developments in there particular area and what events they have thought about organising for the year.

Cheers Neil
Sicilian Social Dinner

Date: Wednesday 23rd August (5th Week)
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Sicilian Cafe & Bar 480 Hay Street, Subiaco Italian Restaurant
Special: $10 all pizza and pasta

A Social Gathering, for a reasonable pizza and pasta night which we can all share to save on the cost. It will be a laugh and a cry so say if you are coming for numbers. Definitly will be happenning so make sure you get on board.


Date: Saturday 23rd September (Wk 8)
Time: Doors open 6.30pm
Location: Joondalup Arena: Premier Suite
Cost: $10 per person, need 8-10 people per table

A fun filled night that will test the general knowledge of all ages and give
everyone the chance to win some great prizes. This event will be used to raise funds for the McCusker Foundation for Alzheimer's Disease Research. The McCusker Foundation hopes to develop early diagnostic tests for Alzheimer's Disease and to accelerate the
discovery of effective therapies for the prevention, treatment and reversal of Alzheimer's Disease.

So support a great charity by getting a group of friends or family
together to have a great time and be in the chance to win some
fantastic prizes.

Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Dinner Date Changed

Date of Dinner has been changed to next week Tuesday 15th!!! I need numbers ppl to make sure we are definitly going ahead with it, so drop me a line on the blog or by email.

Also WheelChair for Kids planned for sometime in September.


Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Read Below for all the latest events coming up
Sunday 30th July = National Tree Planting Day
Monday 31st July = Luna Double Movie Night $8.50
Tuesday 8th August = Rotaract Uni Meeting
Tuesday 8th August = Subiaco Sicilian DInner $10.00
Saturday 12th August = WheelChair For Kids
Next Uni Meeting
Date: Tuesday 8th August
Time: 1:00pm
Location: SS G207
Special Guest Speeker hopefully from a Rotary Club. Will see everyone there for a chat!! The meeting will include a further update on Hillarys Amazing Race, Telethon, WheelChair for Kids Day & Plans for the Semester. Less Talking more action.
WheelChair for Kids
Date: Saturday 12th August (Week 3) (To be confirmed)
Time: 10:00am meet at the factory
Location: Wangara Factory
Meeting Points: One at Uni for Kylies Car @ 9:30am
One at Whitfords Train Station for Neils Car @ 9:45am

Its a really impressive organisation with every $100 going straight towards building a wheelchair that gets sent to the third world. There is a huge demand for the chairs and all built by volunteer labour!!

Have to confirm with Father Oly first
National Tree Day Sunday 30th
National Tree Day is Australia's biggest community tree-planting event.
Organised nationally each year by Planet Ark in association with Toyota and the AMP Foundation.

SCHOOLS TREE DAY- Friday 28th July
NATIONAL TREE DAY - Sunday 30th July

More than 350,000 volunteers celebrated National Tree Day's tenth birthday last year by giving the environment the best gift of all - the planting of one and a half million native trees and shrubs at 4,000 sites around Australia.
2,500 schools were involved in last year's event. Tree Day shows children how easy it is to help the environment, and that's what National Tree Day is all about.
Tree Day 2005 helped to repair, revegetate and restore Australia's landscape, with people from all walks of life coming together to green up Australia.
Last year, for the first time, Australians made a huge difference in their own backyards by purchasing thousands of Tree Day backyard planting packs from Coles. The planting of these local native trees will help to provide food and shelter for Australia's wildlife.
Thanks to last year's effort, the total number of trees planted since 1996 is over 9 million.Let's make this year even better as we plant our 10 millionth tree!
For more information on joining in on the day phone the National Tree Day Hotline on:
Tel 1300 88 5000
Luna Movie Night

Date: Monday July 31
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Leederville, Luna Palace Cinemas
For: Social Movie Night then coffee


The Manual of Love; is four interconnected stories about the worldís most explored subject - love. Funny, moving and romantic, this film explores the mysterious recesses of the human heart where misbegotten love affairs, family tragedies, eternal romances and ephemeral relationships leave their indelible marks. (M) 116mins plus
How much do you Love Me; Balding office worker Francois (Bernard Campan) reveals to prostitute Daniela (a beguiling Monica Bellucci) he has just won lotto and will give her 100 000 euros a month to live with him until the money runs out. She happily accepts. It almost seems as if nothing could go wrong, at least until Danielaís gangster boyfriend Charlie (Gérard Depardieu) turns up. (MA15+) 95mins

Friday, 21 July 2006

Rotaract Dinner

Date: Tuesday 8st August (3rd Week)
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Sicilian Cafe & Bar 480 Hay Street, Subiaco Italian Restaurant
Special: $10 all pizza and pasta

Just to have a social gathering. For a reasonable pizza and pasta night, so we can have a laugh and a chat. Post a comment on the blog to confirm booking
First Meeting of Semester

Date: Tuesday 25th July
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Social Sciences G207 near oak lawn
Special: TED finally giving his speech

Need everyone to attend if possible because we need to sort out positions for the semester and establish the diary and dates of the semester events. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Cheers Neil

Sunday, 9 July 2006


Date: Saturday 15th July 2006
Place: Wangara Factory
Time: 9:30am

We have been invited to join the Rotary Club of Claremont Cottesloe, who are travelling to the WheelChair for Kids Factory. We have talked about doing this all year and we finally have a chance to. Any interested people email me or post a comment on this website and we can work out car pooling. ASAP

Cheers Neil

Saturday, 1 July 2006


Hey everyone,

Next meeting at my house for pizza and a corona. We can chat about our plans for the coming semester, sine we now know what needs to be done. My address is in an email and tell me if you can or cant make it.

Cheers Neil

Date: Tuesday 4th July

Time: 5:00pm

Location: Neils House

Mobile: 0421 473 310

Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Presidents Mid Year Update

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone’s exams went well and no lecturers are on your hit list for giving a hard exam. However now that exams are over I say we get together and begin organising next semester, so that we start the semester with a big bang.

Next Meeting
To get the ball rolling we can meet at my house next Tuesday the 4th July to organise our plan of attack and we can order pizzas for dinner and watch a few movies if we feel like it and go to Mullaloo for a nice cold Corona.

After the meeting we can plan somewhere to go for dinner somewhere, Subiaco way. There is a bloody tasty restaurant called Wagga Wammas and we can all gather there for a bloody brilliant dinner and a few laughs.

Cadbury Chocolates
Our Cadbury Chocolates are due, so if I haven’t already called you to meet up for the chocolates could you please call me so that I can collect the money and pay off Cadbury

Youth Focus
Our final total for Youth Focus will be reached soon, so that total will be handed over to Youth Focus soon.

Thankyou Letters
If anyone can think of someone that still has not been given a thankyou letter for the sausage sizzle let me know and we can work out how to give them a thankyou.

Semester Events
Great Race
Movie Night
Possible Rotaract Ball or some sort of fundraising function

Enjoy your holidays and lets get cranking!!!

Friday, 26 May 2006

Rotary Club of West Perth Movie Night + Wine Tasting

If anyone interested one of our sponsoring clubs is organising a movie night that sounds good: Details below for anyone interested:

More information at:

The Windsor Cinema would like some idea of numbers for staffing levels.

Movie: Da Vinci Code + Wine Tasting
Date: This Saturday Evening 27th May
Where: Windsor Cinema, 98 Stirling Highway Nedlands (just past UWA)
Cost: $12

5.45pm - Wine Tasting starts
6.30pm - Movie starts

Date: Tuesday 6th June
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Reid Library Coffee Shoop

This is just a social meeting where everyone can have a break from exams and chat over a nice... ok a cheap cup of coffee. Just a little wrap up for the Semester and the coffee is on me :)

Just keeping everyone in the loop on the wesbite. The About Us has been updated thanks to Daniel our Publications Officer, along with two new sites that will be created soon that can lead people to a Gallery Site for us being organised by Rachael or Kylie. Will also establish a site to house past events information so we can look back over the year at the Clubs progress.

Good luck everyone for Exams and I hope you get lots of study done and dont stress too much. Just think 3 weeks of hell then a whole world of partying! Good luck.
Neil President 2006

Monday, 22 May 2006


As you should all be aware is on this Wednsday and our club is helping out with the event by delivering tins to cafes in the hopes that people donate money for cancer council research. Being organised by Jamaica and Kylie and I believe they need help on the Tuesday and Wednesday, so drop them a line if you can help out. Will talk more about it the meeting on Tuesday!

Date: 23 May
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Social Sciences G207 near Oak Lawn
Special: TED guest speeker

This meeting will discuss plans for Australias Biggest Morning Tea, with help needed after meeting handing out tins. Event is on the Wednesday and being organised by Kylie and Jamaica. Also will discuss Telethon, PMH abseiling as you do and Cadbury Chocolate Drive as we need to sell those chocolates!! Ill see everyone tomorrow.

Saturday, 20 May 2006


This was another brilliant event that combined a joint social event with an inauguration of some of this years members! Wine was flowing, talk was heated and the food was flowing into plates. An honourable mention goes to Subiaco Rotaract and the person who made the best Kahlua chocolate moose I have ever had in my entire life. A dishonourable mention also goes to Cynthia from Subiaco Rotaract for her coconout.... uhemm hmmmm :) And the winner is [drum rolls] Lauren, our International Service Representative who both hosted and organized the entire event and made it a huge success, thankyou!

It was a great event, a good laugh and it was brilliant that there was was such a good turnout. So as the international community would say a massive THANKYOU, MERCI, TODA, DOH JE, DANKE, GRAZIE, TACK & in New Zealand CHEERS for attending our international dinner.

Monday, 15 May 2006

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea so far.

URGENT: Volunteers Needed
WHEN: Thursday 18th May
WHY: Travelling streets convincing businesses to help above charity

On Thursday 18th May a team of people are needed to travel around from 11:00am asking businesses to help support the Biggest Morning Tea by having tins or donating a part of there sales to charity for the event being held on the 25th May.

We need everyone to get involved and we have a letter from Neil thats been organised, with all the hard work completed! We need all the help we can get to walk the streets selling the event, so if anyone can help let me know. If this time is bad then let me know a time that would suit you and between us im sure we can all get out there and help spread the word and raise some needed money.

Thanks Guys,

“We had it all, fast cars, loud cars and an even bigger bang in a massive fireball of fireworks."

Cars were flying thick and fast around the corners, they were tipped over, ripped apart and stalled as roofs were ripped off and tyres fell apart before a roaring crowd. We had it all, fast cars, loud cars and an even bigger bang in a massive fireball of fireworks. One driver, was even spirited away by awaiting medics, leaving his body in ruins and me with an empty wallet. I think you know who got the raw end of that deal!! Ohh but for the love of the race!!

All this and more crashed and roared at the Quit Motorplex stands as the Rotary Club of Claremont raised funds for CANCER RESEARCH. Our club was represented by Jules and Neil, who after a fortifying Indian Dinner donned on crazy wigs and fluoro shirts, sweeping the stadium for donations. We liked to call ourselves the silver team for our crazy silver wigs and we managed to help raise over $2166 dollars for cancer research. It was good fun and for a bloody good cause!

The BBQ was a huge success and a massive THANKYOU to everyone that gave there time to help on the day, there time organising the event and their efforts to gain donations. Also a big thankyou to all our sponsors who donated food goods, with a special mention for Bakers Delight Whitford City for their huge contribution.

As a club we managed to riase about $500 dollars for Youth Focus and after the sale of cadbury chocolates we will present Youth Focus with a final cheque. Once again a big THANKYOU. The day was a huge success, a good laugh and we were even helped by the Ref fire alarm going off! A thankyou letter also needs to be sent to all those organizations that donated food stuff, signed by the President, so I need to know all the names of the businesses that we need to thank!

Twas indeed a big success :)

Thursday, 11 May 2006



For those of you wishing to volunteer in the Telethon phone rooms as a
part of Rotaract team, here is what you will need to do:

• Be willing to pay approximately $18 for the Telethon Phoneroom t-shirt
• Be available ALL WEEKEND over Sat 28th & Sun 29th October 2006 (as we
don’t know what shift we get until closer to the date)

Anyone interested needs to send me ( their
details (listed below) by May 30th 2006, so that I can have it all
neatly packaged and sent to the Rotaract Club of South Perth, who is
taking charge of this event.

Full Name:
Work Phone #:
Home Phone#:
Mobile Phone#:
Age (if under 21):
Drivers Licence #:
Email Address:
T-shirt Size (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL):
How many years you’ve volunteered for the Telethon phone room before:

If anyone has a friend or partner also wanting to participate, they
are more than welcome to do so... But please be aware that they will
be doing so under the registration of Rotaract and should behave and
present themselves the same way that every other Rotaractor is
expected to. It is important to keep up this standard so that Rotaract
is invited to participate in future Telethons and possibly other
Channel 7 events.



Saturday, 6 May 2006


Social Sciences G209

Guest Speeker = Ted (our own Rotary Ambassador from America)

This Tuesday we will be welcoming some new members, having some golden oj and coffee. Chat about the awesome game on the weekend, the brill Freo victory, but the disgraceful booing by the Fremantle supporters of poor defencless Judd!! Im not biased :) Then after the fist fights have died down, Ted will be giving us a presentation on good ol USA and his Ambassadorial Scholarship, a scholarship open for everyone to partake in.

Saturday, 29 April 2006



We have a $40 voucher from Woolworths Booragoon! Can anyone get it for the club and purchase some cans of drink?

Anyone bringing things or helping organize important things meet early morning poss 10:00 am or even earlier on the corner of Oak Lawn near Guild and Social Sciences Building.

Need volunteers on day to cook and sell so please post a comment on blog or send email when you are free to help out!


Publications - Daniel
Daniel is organising posters with prices on for the day. And we are also receiving a banner from Youth Focus Tuesday morning, along with some brochures.

Occupational Health and Safety - Liz
Liz can you please see the Occ Health and Safety people about the BBQ to get clearance. ie ensure we have all the fire safety stuff.

Storage Space in Guild Catering - Kylie
Kylie can you see if we have been granted some space to store our stuff.

Cadbury Chocolates - Neil
Chocolates are located near uni and i will bring along to the bbq to sell as many as we can. Each box will also have info attached about who we selling to.

Our Rotary Banner
Who has it? Can you please bring to the BBQ

Steve, Jamaica and Neil are raiding local bakery's on Monday night for and bread or rolls donations. Can Anyone else do this? If you can, send me an email, call or me or leave a comment on the blog. More people raiding bakeries the better!!

Rach has 5kg of sausages, lauren has 60 bbq sausages! Whoever brings sausages must ice them straight away to keep fresh. Hopefully have storage space in guild catering fridge. Kylie organising us possible space.

Lauren and Steve have onions covered between them. But we need volunteers to help cut them all up? Anyone willing to take some home and cut them up will receive them on Monday and bring them to uni Tuesday morning!

Cooking Oil
Jamaica and Lauren have that covered. Lauren has x2 bottles. Please bring before 11:30 on Tuesday so we can start the cook up.

Lauren and Jamaica have napkins covered.

Serving Trays
4 Serving trays by Lauren

Lauren has 2 x 1 litres of sauce. Neil might be able to get more. If anyone can grab sauces, mustard and tomato would be brilliant.

Need people to bring down eskies, to store all the drinks in! Lauren has 3 and need a couple more. Ice can be purchased on the day to fill them up and keep them cold.

Some provided by Guild Catering but can everyone also bring an extra pair of tongs.

Brilliant!! I will see everyone on Tuesday and might even be calling those with a car to help purchase cans of soft drink and sausages over the weekend. If I missed anything just send me an email, call or leave a comment on the blog. Also roster of who can help out on the day will be sent by email tomorrow and posted on the blog. So please send info about when available.


Friday, 28 April 2006


Mission: To Raise donations for YOUTH FOCUS
Date: Tuesday 2nd May
Time: 11:00 - 2:30

  • 500 Sausages
  • 500 Cans of Soft Drink
  • 500 Pieces of Bread / Rolls
  • 500 Napkins
  • 2 Bags of Onions
  • 4 Litres Tomato Sauce
  • 4 Litres Mustard Sauce
  • 2 Bottles of Oil

2) VOLUNTEERS: To help cook on the day from 11:00am - 2:30pm


Poor Pip, Donatello and the Cabinet who will spend hours fixing that hair stlye!

Our Pre-Drinks Meeting & Teenage Mutant Ninja Tertle Night was a great success. Champagne was flowing, turkish bread disappeared and Tertles were falling on their backs everywhere. We had a big turn out for the event, with it being our first Guest Speaker. However the relaxed manner, helped deal with the sombre issue of youth sucide which our special Guests, Amy and Katie, from Youth Focus helped explore. It was an informative and social night, where we now have some idea of how Youth Focus helps youth in need.

A big thankyou to Amy and Katie for coming and chatting to us and even the daggy game was a good laugh! A special thankyou to Liz for purchasing all the essentials and setting up the night and Lauren for arriving in the nik of time with the all important champagne glasses. Cheers to everyone that attended and I hope you had a good night. Now lets get stuck into helping out Youth Focus.

Wednesday, 26 April 2006


Meeting & Play
Date: Thursday 27th April
Time: Meeting 6:00pm & Theatre 7:30pm start
Venue: Social Sciences Room G209
Special Guest: Amy from Youth Focus

This is a social and relaxed event to escape from uni work for the night. Pre-Drinks and nibbles being provided by our club, with nibbles ranging from fresh Turkish Bread and dips, cheeses, chips and nuts. Champagne, Juice, Coffee and teas provided and ever present Cadbury Chocolates. Then after some bubbly and conversation we will be heading to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Tertles play.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Tertles
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Dolphin Lecture Theatre
Price: $9 (uwa) $12 (non-uwa)

I am aware that some of you are not from UWA and may be coming later due to District Meeting so see map of UWA showing Hacket Drive, the road next to the river and the Social Sciences building, next to the Oak Lawn where G209 is located. Any troubles finding room feel free to call me.
Looking forward to it and thanks for coming!


UWA Rotaract
President 2006

Invitation from Subiaco Rotaract

Hi all,
Time for a club service (i.e. social activity!).
I went and saw this guy last year and he was awesome! You may have seen him on rove or on some ABC talk shows with Will Anderson. He is one of the funniest guys I have ever seen! If you want laughs, you have to come to this! He's in Perth from 15-21 May. I'm going to get tickets for Saturday the 20th at 8 pm at His Majesty's Theatre. Tix are $37.50.
Let me know if you want to come! Check out his site at for more info . . .

Hassan Wardani [ ]

Sunday, 23 April 2006


“We had it all, fast cars, loud cars and an even bigger bang in a massive fireball of fireworks."

Cars were flying thick and fast around the corners, they were tipped over, ripped apart and stalled as roofs were ripped off and tyres fell apart before a roaring crowd. We had it all, fast cars, loud cars and an even bigger bang in a massive fireball of fireworks. One driver, was even spirited away by awaiting medics, leaving his body in ruins and me with an empty wallet. I think you know who got the raw end of that deal!! Ohh but for the love of the race!!

All this and more crashed and roared at the Quit Motorplex stands as the Rotary Club of Claremont raised funds for CANCER RESEARCH. Our club was represented by Jules and Neil, who after a fortifying Indian Dinner donned on crazy wigs and fluoro shirts, sweeping the stadium for donations. We liked to call ourselves the silver team for our crazy silver wigs and we managed to help raise over $2166 dollars for cancer research. It was good fun and for a bloody good cause!

Saturday, 22 April 2006

International Dinner - Please nominate your DISH :)

Hi all,
WHAT: Annual International Dinner
Our international rotaract dinner is coming up soon. The dinner is an annual event where we will eat, drink, be merry and be presented with our 2006 member badges. All money raised will go to youth focus.
All UWA Rotaract Members (plus 2 friends or family members) + Subiaco, South   and ECU Rotaract have been invited.
DATE: Friday May 5th
WHEN: From 7pm till 12
WHERE: International Service Directors House aka Lauren's House in Dalkeith. The address to be given out in meetings.
TO WEAR: ALL ATTENDIES TO WEAR INTERNATIONAL ATTIRE. So wear your favourite nations hat, flag, national costume, football jersey! Perhaps dress in the national costume of your dish!
1.  Bring 1 Plate of Food
UWA Rotaract members are asked to bring  a plate of food to be shared, and their guests $10 for the feast.
Below is listed the general dish types we require.
i)   International Meat dish (perhaps German Schnitzel Dish or Morrocon Lamb)
ii).  Italian Pasta Dish
iii). Japanese Sushi
iv).  International Vegetable Dish (perhaps African or morrocon)
v)   Chinese Noodles
vi)  Mexican Enchadas
vii)  India Curry
viii)  Salads ( 1 Green Salad, 1 Potato Salad, 1 Greek Salad)
ix)  Breads (1 Turkish, 2 Nana Breads)
x).  Any other country's speciality
2.  Bring International Decorations
Please look for and bring along any international flags, decorations and music you like!
3. Number of Guests
When you post comment regarding the dish you will bring also  tell me  how many people you will be bringing (so we can have enough food and chairs for all).
4. Wear awesome international attire
Any probs or questions just email me at
Lauren :)
International Service Director

Blab-away for as little as 1¢/min. Make PC-to-Phone Calls using Yahoo! Messenger with Voice.

Wednesday, 19 April 2006


"The Spelling is Bad. The play is totally radical dude!"

Date: Thursday 27th April 2006
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Dolphin Theatre, UWA
Price: $9 (UWA students) $12 (non-UWA)

Pre-Theatre Drinks & Meeting
Date: Thursday 27th April 2006
Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: TBD.....probably Social Sciences G209 but more info later.......

Special Guest: Amy- Youth Development Officer for Youth Focus
Extra: Everyone Welcome to attend from friends to family

Everyone invited to attend our night time meeting, whether you are from UWA or not. We will be providing drinks and nibbles before the theatre event, along with granting Amy, the representative from Youth Focus a chance to chat to us about her organization. The night time meeting will also give non-UWA people a chance to take part in UWA Rotaract, with a new position created in the club for all non-UWA members. This will give ex students and those in a full time job the chance to take part in the club. Other guests invited to the event are members from Rotaract ECU, Rotaract Subiaco and some members of our sponsoring Rotary Clubs.

I look forward to seeing everyone there and if you also want tickets to help support the UWA University Dramatic Society we will discuss in meetings or just email me. Need numbers!

Tuesday, 18 April 2006


Just so everyone knows website has been updated with links located on the side bar that will lead to information from "Calendar, About Us, Links, Constituition, Members -at moment just committee but will expand to other members-, charity groups, minutes, projects." These other pages are sources of more info, but the main page will remain the HOME where updates are constantly sent.



Date: This Saturday 22nd April 2006
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Quit Motorplex

We have been invited to attend the Quit Motorplex Super Speedway Grand Final Kids Day and Fireworks by the Rotary Club of Claremont/Cottesloe. They have offered us free entry, saving $20 in return for our help in gaining donations from the crowd. All donations received go to charity and if you want they will provide us with crazy wigs and t-shirts so that we can even walk through the pit crew area, a privilage other people can only dream off.

All interested please email me for further details and info on gaining a ticket and helping out Rotary Claremont-Cottesloe. Im going to be there but only have limited number of tickets so please send me an email.

We are also invited to Dinner at Mother India for 6:00pm before the event, but we can work out what we want to do once numbers are finalised.

Cheers Neil

Sunday, 16 April 2006

UWA Rotaract Next Meeting:

Monday 24th April 2006
1:00pm earlier if possible

Guild Meeting Room
Location: Guild Meeting Room is located 2nd floor of the guild building at the end of the hall. Accessed via the stairs that are located next to the Bank West ATM.
Everyone welcome to attend with biscuits, juice, tea and coffee provided. Will be discussing any donations gained from supermarkets for the BBQ and ideas for the International Dinner

Fundraiser BBQ on Tuesday May 2nd 2006 at 1:00pm. All proceeds go to Youth Focus

Above title will link you to the Youth Focus Website

Will be needing volunteers to help cook and advertise the charity and ourselves. We are a good organization so lets tell people. The charity organization we are raising money for is Youth Focus and info on the charity found at

Hopefully everyone should have received the fundraising letter to give to supermarkets for sponsorship for the BBQ. If not send me an email and I will forward on the details.

Cheers Neil
UWA Rotaract President

UWA Rotaract Calendar

Click on above link to be redirected to the new UWA Rotaract Calendar Website or Click on the Website link in the side bar: The new website is:

New UWA Rotaract Calendar Webiste Activated

Idea is to keep an online Calendar of Events to keep members and non-members informed on what we are up to and what is going on. So this site is an online diary of events. If you want anything included in the calendar send an email to Kylie who is in charge of making sure event dates dont clash.

Kylie =

Friday, 14 April 2006

Movie Night 19th April

Hi all!
I thought as Club Service Director I would organise a Movie night at my
place on Wednesday 19th April. BYO meat for a BBQ (if you want to eat)or you
can bring money to order pizza if that is more your thing & drinks. We can
start round 7ish if that is good?Please email me back if you are interested
in coming - then I can email you my address.Hope you can come!
Liz Singe :)

Tuesday, 11 April 2006


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Throughout the year, Telethon conducts a range of exciting fundraising 
events and activities, culminating in the live 24-hour televised 
chairty appeal, which will be on 28 & 29 October this year. If you'd 
like to volunteer to be a part of this event, either in the phone 
booths, at the Kid's Carnival etc., then head to the website
download an application form, fill it out and bring it with you to our 
next meeting so that all applications can be handed in together. 
Volunteer ooportunities fill up pretty quickly so get it in early.

Thursday, 6 April 2006


"We laughed, we cried and then we had Hungry Jacks."

Prosh was a complete success for both UWA and for those in Rotaract that got dressed and attended. "We laughed, we cried and then we had Hungry Jacks." There was a massive turn-out and a big pat on the backs to all those who attended because our two tins were bloody heavy by the end of the event! Very heavy!

So our first event as a club group was a social, crazy outing that helped raised money for WA Disabled Sport Association, The Samaritans, Alzheimers Australia, The Palmerston Association and THE CANCER FOUNDATION :) Insiders joke.

Cheers for everyones stellar effort!

Monday, 3 April 2006


Theme: "Its a Time Warp" Everyone Welcome, Meeting 4:30am outside Tav! Will be Crazy Good Time!!!

Thursday, 30 March 2006


Info on Different Youth Suicide Groups operating in Australia.

Well, ive done a bit of research into the yellow ribbon program and things like that as our charity for the year. Turns out that the program was actually started in America after two parents started talking to schools because their son commited suicide. The people who came to talk to my high school were running the same program, but a western australian version. I asked and they're child died of suicide too, so they got involved. So its not western australian, though its run locally. Also looks like they are quite well supported, telstra is behind them as well, so i dont know what everyone thinks but maybe it is better to pick another charity that needs our help a bit more? With yellow ribbon there is yellow ribbons avaliable, help cards, posters and things we can distribute to promote yellow ribbon as well.

So i looked into some other organisations and things too, beyond blue is definately a good one too, completely australian based and every year each state government contributes something to help it keep running because they see the need to help people with depression, though WA is the only state that dosn't contribute anything! Its more focused on depression and they have a really great program for youth, effected by depression, suicide and those just needing help providing counselling and support for youth. They have some great stuff for distribution too, very funky badges, posters, postcards and things. Maybe its a better organisation because we know all the money goes directly to australians needing help, and theres hardly any western australian base, so we could generate a bit of publicity. Check it out and let me know what you think.. the youth initiative the australian wide initiative

and then, theres one more thats a lot more local, Youth Focus, which is a similar organisation again, its completely perth based. Youth Focus is to prevent depression, suicide and deliberate self-harm in young people between 12 and 18 years of age. Youth Focus provides youth-centred, community-based counselling, combined with family therapy and peer support services that are not provided elsewhere in Perth and west oz. They run camps and programs for kids and all that sort of thing. Things that we can help them with to get involved. theres a ball too that we can get people to go to to help raise funds and the have a specially designed umbrella that we can help sell if we want too,

So just things to think about. Get back to me on which charity you think we should support, and i'll organise what i can with them. Thought id just give everyone the opportunity to learn a little more about the people we can help though, no one seemed to know anything about the yellow ribbon program!



If you click on the link above you will be re-directed to the UWA Prosh 2006 Website!


One of our first events as a fundraising group will be taking part in Prosh 2006, a uni event that raises money for charity, while in a costume, selling a uni made newspaper and while harassing the business people of Perth. If you want to join us, bring any friends you can find and come to our Prosh meeting this Friday.

Prosh Meeting
Date: Friday 31st March
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Meet outside the Uni Tavern / Pub
Bring: Any Further Ideas on theme
If you cant make the meeting dont hesitate to send me an email and I can forward you the details for the event. Hope to see you at the meeting or @ Prosh.

Prosh Day
Date: Wednesday 5th April

Time: 4:30 am
Location: Meet Outside the Uni Tavern

Itinery: 1) Free Bus into the city @ 5:00am
2) Selling Papers in streets of Perth
3) Prosh Float through city starting at Convention Centre 11:00am
4) Float Ends and Prosh Skits at Cultural Centre 12:00pm
3) Prosh Ball @ the Tav 4:00pm
Im thinking formal daggy clothes from the 50’s. Make it crazy loud and disgusting. Then a Red Sash representing Rotaract. And Please…. No nice hair do! Make it messy!
Morning Classes are cancelled!

Come down and have fun! Email me for details or seeyou at the Friday meeting

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

MEETING MINUTES Tuesday 28th March 2006

Apologies: Sara Adhitya
  • 2006 Mission Objectives
    Continue Previous Years Events and Fundraising Efforts
    Build on Last Year Efforts
    Increase Membership Base
    Work closely with other Rotaract Clubs
    Work with other campus social clubs - pool resources
    Target Fundraising Level $7000
  • Changeover Dinner at Dome and Saturday's BBQ was a success. It was an opportunities to discuss ideas for events for this year and meet members from other Rotaract Clubs.
  • Prosh - Wednesday 5th April
A group of us will be going, so join us! Come dressed up in your most outrageous op shop gear and meet at 5am on Oak Lawn. Money will be raised for charity through sales of a student newspaper for a gold coin donation. Rotaract sashes will be organised for everyone to wear and designated drivers as well! Its a fantastic day that ends off with a parade around the city!
  • BBQ Fundraiser - 2nd May
The barbeque will be to raise money for Yellow Ribbon - a Youth Suicide Prevention Program. We will be approaching supermarkets for donations of sausages, sauce, cans, buns and onions. An official letter will be posted out to members that can be passed out to store managers before our next meeting. Please help us in getting some free stuff!
We will also raise money by selling chocolates.
  • Induction Night - Friday 28th April
This is where we will formally induct members and present them with a badge and certificate. We will combine this with our International Dinner, so everyone will bring a dish from a particular country. Each member may also invite up to 3 guests - Parents, Friends etc.  (they dont have to bring a dish!). A $5.00 donation will be required from guests that will go towards a charity.
  • Car Wash - Date: TBA
It was suggested that we could also raise money by organising a car wash held at a Bunnings car park. We can charge $5-8 per car. More planning in future meetings.
  • ECU Interest Night
ECU are starting a Rotaract Club too! They are having an interest night this Thursday 30th March. Neil (President) is definately going so if you would like to tag along let him know! It will be a great opportunity to either learn more about the club or help promote it!!
  • Movie Night - 19th May
This is a south perth fundraiser, tiks $14. We are organising a group of us to go and support them. It is at Belmont Forum shopping centre (Redding Cinemas) and we can all car pool from uni.
  • Other
Our Vice President Kylie will be keeping a club diary of club events. So if you will be organising anything to do with the club ie. meetings or outings, please let her know so that she can keep an account of what is going on!
Also, if there is anything anyone would like to add to the fortnightly newsletter please let Jessica Harris know (our membership/email officer).

Sunday, 26 March 2006

Information Evening

All are welcome to attend, tell anyone you think would be interested especially if they go to ECU. For those from UWA we can organize details for those coming and send of an email to ECU Rotaract with our support.

Cheers Neil

Information Evening
Date: Thursday 30th March
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Joondalup Student Village Recreation Room
Located behind building 17

The evening will be a good chance for all interested members to meet and socialize, as well as receive information on the Rotaract Club. Members from both the Subiaco and UWA Rotaract Clubs will be coming to provide information and get to know us all. There will be a BBQ at the end for those who would like to stay, just bring a plate of food to share.

If you could just let me know that you can come that would be great. Look forward to seeing you all there.

South Perth Movie Night - THE DA VINCI CODE

Morning All,
Please see below an e-mail from the Rotaract Club of South Perth.

Regarding tickets we thought we would get final numbers after UWA rotaract meeting this tuesday and then one representative would tell South Perth Rotaract. So dont email Maya at South Perth just yet..but certainly tell all your friends, partners and family to come along

6:30pm FRIDAY 19th May 2006
Reading Cinemas
Knutsford Ave Belmont
Tickets = $14 each.
The Rotaract Club of South Perth is once again hosting a movie fundraiser at Belmont's Reading Cinemas. We'd love to see you there -and at $1 cheaper entry than an adult ticket... why wouldn't you want to go!?
We've organised a screening of the highly anticipated movie version of Dan Brown's international best-seller, THE DA VINCI CODE, for Friday19th May 2006 - the day after OPENING NIGHT! Tickets are only $14 each and all profits will go to a very worthycause. Make you sure you book your seat early to avoid disappointment! Payments can be made by cash or cheque.Please come and support Rotaract! We hope to see you there.
Rotaract Club Of South Perth
Mobile: 0414 933 924

Friday, 24 March 2006


May Tannock Rooom 1:00pm

  • Any Ideas of For UWA Rotaract Events
  • Any Ideas for the Prosh Theme
  • Any Ideas for the Charity our BBQ can be for
  • Ideas, Enthusiasm & a laugh

  • May Tannock- it is the room above the ref. If stand on the oak lawn and face the ref there are stairs on your left that take you up to a second level. Go up these and the May Tannock is the first room you hit. It has glass doors and a large table inside. For those who are unsure just ask anyone where the old Acorn Cafe and thats where the May Tannock Room is. Someone should be waiting at the staitrs to direct you up.

2006 Presidents Report

Firstly a massive welcome to another year of UWA Rotaract, with this being its fourth year running.
This is a social club with a social conscience, a big heart and a dedicated group of volunteers that relies on four main pillars as a benchmark for its achievements.
Community Service
International Service
Club Service
Professional Development

Hopefully this year will help build upon the previous years stellar achievements and make the club bigger and better than ever. Yes I said Stellar! Also a huge congratulations to the clubs new Committee Members with a big year ahead and a number of events on the table.

2006 Committee Positions

Congradulations to all new Committee Members!!! Even if you dont hold a position come down to any event, any meeting because the more ppl the better!!!

President Neil Witkowski
Vice-President Kylie Kerin
Secretary Sarah Athitya
Treasurer George Esteli
Guild Liaison Sarah Gordon
Publications Officer Daniel Gibbons
Membership/Email Officer Jess Harris

Community Service Kylie Judd
Jamaica Grantis
International Service Lauren Basanovic
Club Service Liz Siange
Professional Development Julia Powles

Thursday, 23 March 2006

Calender of Events

  • Next Meeting: First Meeting (UWA Rotaract)
    Tuesday 28th March
    Location: May Tannock Room
  • ECU Meeting
    Thursday 30th March
    ECU Event: All welcome
  • Claremont Lifestyle Fair
    Sunday 2nd April 9:00am – 4:00pm
    Rotary Event: All welcome
  • Prosh (UWA Rotaract)
    Wednesday 5th April
    Organize a theme & Float
  • BBQ Fundraiser (UWA Rotaract)
    Tuesday May 2nd
    Organize Event, Sponsorship, Charity
  • Movie Night
    Friday 19th May
    South Perth Event: Organizing a group purchase of tickets

Monday, 13 March 2006

Positions in Need of Nominations for 2006!!! Its Not too Late...Nominate Yourself at the Meeting 1pm, Tues 13th March!!

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Version: 7.1.375 / Virus Database: 268.2.1/279 - Release Date: 3/10/2006

Get involved!


There’s more to being a part of the Rotaract Club of UWA than simply attending meetings. Find a position from the list below that interests you and help take the club in a positive direction for 2006. The club’s livelihood depends on passionate, motivated people like you to lead the way!



The head honcho of the club. You must be present to chair all meetings and be ready to support, delegate to, represent and motivate the rest of the team. You are also the official representative of the club to communicate with sponsoring Rotary clubs and the community at large.


 Vice President

The VP is the President’s Wingman. You know everything the head honcho knows and offer support and assistance wherever needed. You take the meetings when the Pres can’t make it, and are the keeper of the Club diary for the year ie you liaise with other Rotaract clubs to organise events around important uni and community events.



The Secretary manages all of the club’s correspondence, except for email. You write letters and regularly check the club’s mailbox in the Guild Village. You are also the minute taker at all meetings, which you prepare after each meeting for distribution with the weekly e-newsletter.



The Treasurer holds the golden key to the club’s loot. You must watch and accurately record the money trail, using firm methods of receiving and paying out cash, collating the end of year financial reports and auditing these reports as per Rotaract policy. All training is provided by the guild and the previous treasurer.


Guild Liaison

The Guild Liaison is the communication link between the Guild and our club. You will need to represent the club at monthly Societies (SOC) Council Meetings, and haggle with the rest of the club reps for financial grants and the like. You will also help to get the club involved in Guild events like Club Olympics!


Publications Officer

You are the marketing guru for the club. You manage the website (with assistance from intelligent computer-literate people) and compile the monthly newsletter “The Beak” which is distributed to other clubs and community organisations. You are also the person who knows everything there is to know about printing and producing publicity material (don’t worry, we have a file with all the information in it).


Membership/Email Officer

You are the Rotaract Yoda. You keep the club communicating by making sure all emails are forwarded to the appropriate people, or replied to directly. You produce the weekly email bulletin which goes out to club members, other Rotaract and Rotary clubs and you maintain the contact list and keep track of the club. Good organisational skills are essential for this role.


Committee Director

The committees are the creative hands-on groups in the club. Usually, each Rotaractor is assigned to one or two committees, to bring projects to fruition under the coordination of directors for the following:

Club Service – coordinate club meetings social events and membership formalities

Community Service – coordinate projects to benefit the community

International Service – coordinate projects to benefit the international community, liaise with Rotaract clubs in other countries

Professional Development – coordinate opportunities for professional development/mentoring for the club’s members


Questions? Feel free to contact us by email at or keep checking our website for info: