Sunday, 28 August 2005

This week's bulletin!

Hi all,

There will be a meeting this week on Tuesday at 1pm, upstairs from the Ref.
Either in the Café Acorn or one of the rooms next door (we'll use the rooms
if they're free). Look out for us and we'll see you there!

There should be a lot to discuss, because a lot has gone on in the last
couple of weeks. I attended bingo with some members of Subiaco Rotaract, we
had the visit to the wheelchair factory on Saturday (how did that go?) and
meetings have started for Dial-A-Santa. And we can't forget karaoke (okay I
guess we can if no-one went?).

If you attended any of these events (or ones I don't know about) post a
report of it to our blog! If you don't know how yet send me an e-mail or post a comment on the blog itself.

Be sure to visit our blog frequently -- I'm sticking with the new address so

Also Kylie has posted (thanks Kylie!) that West Perth Rotary are happy to
have us for breakfast at any time. I think the best method to say you'll be
going (Thursday mornings, 1 Rotaractor a week, free!) is to leave a comment
under Kylie's entry on the blog at:

Until next time,

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Sign up for West Perth Rotary Meetings!

Hi everyone!

I have an exciting opportunity for Rotaractors here - we have been warmly invited by West Perth Rotary (one of our sponsoring clubs) to have a Rotaractor along at their regular club meetings, free of charge to us. You are served with a delicious breakfast, and it is your time to get to know one of our co-sponsoring clubs better, and meet, chat and laugh with the members of West Perth that make some important and inspirational things happen in the community.

All you need to do is choose the date or dates that suit you - you can go along as many times as you like - they love getting to know us as well - and just comment back to me, so i can work out the best times for everyone involved without getting clashes every week!

When: every Thursday morning, 7 for 7:30 start (about 7:15 is fine) It should finish by 8:30am

Where: the beautiful Tawarri Reception Centre (Esplanade Street, down Broadway towards Steve's Hotel, go through the roundabout next to Steve's and turn right onto Esplanade Street once you've driven past the hotel. Keep going aaaall the way down that road until you get to Tawarri).

So here's a list of the dates of Thursdays, check your diaries, and give me up to 3 dates you'd like to go. You don't have to go along, but it's a lot of fun, and helps to make more meaning for Rotaractors and Rotarians alike when we can share our experiences (plus you get a really good free breakfast :))

Thursday 1st September
Thursday 8th September
Thursday 15th September
Thursday 22nd September
Thursday 29th September
Thursday 6th October
Thursday 13th October
Thursday 20th October
Thursday 27th October
Thursday 3rd November
Thursday 10th November
Thursday 17th November

Exams start on Saturday 5th November and finish Saturday 19th November, but that shouldn't interfere too much - it's just an hour at breakfast time!

Cheers guys!


Sunday, 21 August 2005

Week 5 minutes

Hello everyone!

Thankyou for the warm welcome into the club. I look forward to getting
involved in the fundraising and events and getting to know you all!

Following are the minutes for the meeting in week 5.

Sarah Zhang
(new) Secretary
Rotaract Club of UWA

Attendance: Lauren Basanovic, Carly White, Sara Adhitya, Kylie Kerin, Joshua
King, Sarah Zhang, Julie Carruthers, Tara and Angus (Representative from
West Perth Rotary).

Apologies: Heather Cooper, Robin Chen, Jess and Lucy Shea.

* Letters were received from The Armadale Domestic Violence Intervention
Project and The Cancer Council thanking UWA Rotoract and particulary Carly
for funds raised. The money will go towards supplying therapeutic books and
toys for children suffereing from the impact of domestic and family
violence; and towards cancer research and cancer prevention education

* Daffodil Day is this Friday, 19th August! The Cancer Council have asked
for a helping hand in the selling of Daffodil Day merchandise to raise money
that will go towards providing education, community support, palliative care
and counselling. If you are interested in helping out visit or call 1300 65 65 85.

* A subcommittee has been formed to initiate the selling of bandannas, pens
and other merchandise around campus in support of CANTEEN on Friday the 28th
of October. Julie is a Canteen member and has offered to organise for a
staff member from the organisation to attend our next meeting!

* Karaoke night this Friday the 19th with the other Rotary clubs! Includes
club competitions! At 7pm at Utopia James St Northbridge. Let Josh know if
you are interested. BYO wine.

* Tara will be our representative at the next Dial a Santa meeting.

* The Visit to the Wheelchair Factory is this Saturday the 20th, 10am. Meet
outside the Tavern.

* Kylie has spoken to Cynthia from Subi Rotary about organising a chocolate
and wine tasting night! She will be emailling her to follow up.

* Angus, a Representative from West Perth Rotary, gave us a very informative
talk about their club. They have an international committee that looks over
international exchanges and have been involved in projects that range from
supporting volunteers in East Timor and providing them with funding to
running educational programs in Africa to deal with the issue of sex
slavery. They work with Clarkson Snr Highschool in supporting student
exchange and science forums. They also support the Great Bike Ride and will
provide food for the event in November.

He mentioned that they needed volunteers to usher at the Regal Theatre
around November for their Storm of the Stage and Magic Show events. They
were also keen to have a representative from Rotoract each week attend their
meeting at the Twarri Lodge in Nedlands. Meetings are on Thursdays 7.30 -
8.30 am and includes breakfast. Lauren will be putting together a roster so
we can take turns representing UWA Rotoract at their weekly meetings.

*Next Meeting - Tuesday the 30th August at the May Tannock Room 1pm
(Upstairs of the Guild Refectory next to Cafe Acorn)

Wednesday, 17 August 2005

Welcome to our new secretary

You'll start to see a new poster on the Blog - Sarah Zhang is our new secretary as of yesterday's meeting. Sarah has already become a very active part of the club since joining us at the start of semester. (Sarah replaces Suzie who is now working full time.) Welcome!
Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Monday, 15 August 2005

Meeting reminder TUESDAY

Hi all,

Not much that I haven't already said -- I think I've already mentioned that
last week's dinner went very well, there is a photo on the blog, which has
moved temporarily* to

So there is a meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1pm (yes I know that might be
today by the time you receive this -- sorry) at the Café Acorn again. This
is upstairs from the Ref.

Also there is the visit to the Wheelchair factory that we fundraised for on
Saturday, starting at 10am meeting at the Guild Tavern for a car pool to
Wangara. Please RSVP (blog comment/e-mail) before Saturday for this.

Joshua King
Membership/E-mail Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Thursday, 11 August 2005

Subiaco-UWA dinner

Last night we had the Subiaco and UWA dinner at the Sicilian Restaurant in Subiaco. A pretty excellent turnout from both clubs as the photo we took (sorry about the quality, looks better on the phone screen) will attest.

A nice night for all (I was there so I can make this judgement in good conscience!) was had, and it was good to see both old and new faces from both clubs.

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Tuesday, 9 August 2005

South Perth and Dial-A-Santa Meeting

This will go in next week's bulletin but for the blog readers, two messages
via Richard at South Perth:

---- Dialasanta meeting Sunday 28th August 2pm ----

The next dialasanta meeting will be held on the 28th of August at 2pm. We
will be meeting at Dome in South Perth for take-away coffee and if it's a
nice day, pull up a rug on the South Perth foreshore and hold our meeting

We had a great turnout last meeting and are well and truely underway in
getting this show on the road.

If anyone is interested in coming to the next meeting please do so, many
hands make light work and it would be great to have input from all four
Rotaract clubs.

---- KARAOKE!! ----

Who is up for some Karaoke action?!?!

I have booked a function room at Utopia 109 James Street in Northbridge at
7pm on Friday the 19th.

The room hire is $250 and can accomodate 20 people give or take a few (ie we
are looking at $12.50 a head). You can BYO wine at $2.00 a head for corkage
or buy there.

We can stay for up to 5 hours (until the wee hours of the morning).

Let me know who can make it so I can confirm the booking ASAP. Feel free to
invite any of your friends who may be interested. If we have a lot more than
20 we may need to book a bigger room.

Let the club battles begin!!

Forward your interest to Richard or myself/the blog.

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

IMPORTANT: Web site change

The temporary (possibly) address for our web site has changed to

While the Guild gets their act together (I guess they're too busy with tomorrow's National Day of Action to notice my e-mails) I've copied our site onto Blog*Spot (thanks Blogger!). I will let you know when we shift back to our normal site.

Note that some features of the blog will be missing on our new site -- some files I've uploaded for example -- and no further files (except for photos) will be uploadable.

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Monday, 8 August 2005

Week 3 Bulletin

Hi all,

I don't have much to add to the minutes that I sent out last week so I will
post instead some important reminders.

UPDATE: The web site is not yet fully working (I can't update it, nor can
Blogger), but you can see everything up until last week.

Please remember to RSVP (e-mail preferred) for our events so that we know
how many people to plan for.

Firstly on WEDNESDAY evening 7:30pm we will be having dinner with Subiaco
Rotaractors at the Sicilian Restaurant in Subiaco. We'll be bringing some of
the wine we still possess from the lawn bowls night earlier in the year.

Next, the Wheelchair Factory visit is going ahead on SATURDAY 20th August,
meeting at 10am outside the Guild Tavern at UWA for a car pool to the
factory. Bring friends.

The next meeting is in a week's time, Tuesday 16 August at 1pm, meet at the
Café Acorn (upstairs from the Guild Refectory in the Guild Village).

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Week 3 Meeting Minutes

Hi all,

I'm a little bit behind this week and I do apologise in advance for our
website disappearing (edit: this has been posted *after* the web site came

Below is the minutes that I took on Tuesday afternoon.

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Attendance: Robin Chen, Carly White, Sara Adhitya, Kylie Kerin, Joshua King,
Lucy Shea, Lauren Basanovic, Dominik and Sarah (new).

Apologies: Julie Carruthers, Heather Cooper.

* Wednesday 10 August at 7:30pm -- Dinner with Subiaco Rotaract at the
Sicilian in Subiaco. Please RSVP to (or the web site).

* MOVED! Saturday 20 August at 10am -- Visit to the Wheelchair Factory with
Olly Pickett, leaving from the UWA Tavern by car pooling. Let us know if
you're coming, you're welcome to bring friends, etc.

* West Perth Rotary is asking for help during their Storm the Stage and
Magic Show events, a representative will be coming to our next meeting.

* Club Service (Kylie): We now have a policy of food (<$10) at meetings.
Requests to Kylie (though her selection was yummy!).

* Lauren has conferred with Jess (Treasurer) and we now have a very healthy
account balance (~$1300) so she proposes that we may have a bigger dinner
later in the year which we will be able to subsidise from these funds.

* Joshua to start planning to set up better induction procedures so we can
start distributing badges and certificates to new members again.

* Subiaco Rotaract tells us they are selling Entertainment Books
(approximately $60 each).

* Kylie proposes some sort of assistance of the Campus Security people in
publicising their services to students. She finds its not as well advertised
or used compared to what she discovered on exchange in Canada.

* Dominik gave an excellent presentation on his usual club -- Rotaract Club
of Cologne (district 1810) -- and the Rotary International Ambassadorial
Scholarship programme. Focused on the 3 way split of events - Learn, Help,
Play. Lots of clubs close together in Germany is also what I noticed.

Next Meeting Tuesday 16 August (2 weeks)
MOVED! Meet at the Café Acorn (we are unable to successfully continuously
book our usual venues). The Café Acorn is located up the stairs above the
Guild Refectory.

Web site's back!

Apologies for anyone who tried to contact us over the past week -- our web
site is stored on the Guild's server and that went down for the whole week.

Anyway, if you're reading this, it's obviously fixed.

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

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Monday, 1 August 2005

Meeting reminder

There will be a meeting on Tuesday 2nd August at 1pm -- as planned -- in
Social Sciences room G209.

See you there

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA