Wednesday, 21 March 2007



When: Tuesday 27th March
Where: Social Sciences G208 (near oak lawn)
Time: 1:00pm—1:45pm
Special: Guest Speaker from Platform Kids (a
charity that helps homeless kids in India

Positions in the CLUB
El President, Vice El Pres, Secretary, Treasurer, Liaison, Officer, Publications & Events
Officer, Membership Officer, X4 Committee Directors, X2 General Committee Directors &
First Year Rep


To nominate for a position email: and if you have already done so please do so again because there was a problem with our hotmail account.

Fundraiser Charity Movie Night
"Becoming Jane"


Date: Thursday 29th March
Time: 6:00pm (Start @ 6:45pm)
Cost: $12 (tea, coffee, biscuits, fizzy & juice provided)
Location: Windsor Cinemas
98 Stirling Highway Nedlands
(Parking at Rear)

Becoming Jane Synopsis
A portrait of a growing Jane Austen. played by Anne Hathoway (The Devil Wears Prada) in a dramatic story where shades of Jane Austens books are reflected in the movie.

From budding romance, action and the burden of class, imposed by Lady Gresham played by Maggy Smith this film is a thrilling exploration of a much loved heroine whose story is yet to be told except through her novels.

Rotaract Members

Please remember to sell tickets to as many people as possible!! We need to sell heaps and if you need flyers please send me an email to Also don’t forget our stall near oak lawn will be selling tickets and we need volunteers around lunch time for:

Monday 26th March

Tuesday 27th March (not during AGM time of 1:00pm)

Wednesday 28th March

Thursday 29th March

Monday, 12 March 2007

Pizza Meeting

This is our first real meeting where we will start to get things organised, with the elections to be had at our next meeting, due to guild reasons. There will be pizza and drinks at this meeting and we will try and get to know each other and figure out what the year will be like. So bring your friends.

Date: Tuesday 13th March
Venue: Social Sciences G207 (near oak lawn).. akai G208 cause someone stole our room
Special: Pizza meeting mmmm!!

Monday, 5 March 2007


Our first meeting of the year is just a quick catch-up, to give a brief overview of the club and explain what happens and what we are all about. Feel free to bring friends because its a casual and relaxed meeting that should not last too long.

Date: 6th March 2006
Time: 1:00pm
Location: G207 Social Sciences Building (near Oak lawn)
For: Just a quick meeting

Date: Monday 5 March 2007
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Cino-To-Go located facing Subiaco Train Station in Subiaco.
For: Social gathering

Apologies for last minute organising, my weekend was too good for study or club work!

Cheers your pres