Friday, 30 September 2005


C/- South Perth Rotaract:

Ten Pin Bowling!!

Hi guys!! I figure if South Perth can't win the Karaoke sing off perhaps we
will have a better chance at Ten Pin Bowl!!

I have booked two lanes at Ten Pin Bowl in the City for Thursday the 5th of
October at 7.30.

Anyone interested in coming drop me a line!! (rtaylor at westnet dot com dot
au or I will pass on - Joshua)


Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Next meeting and big stuff happening in October

I've been keeping myself very busy so I haven't sent out a bulletin in quite a while, sorry guys.

The next meeting is immediately after the break, and will discuss the bumper October month we have planned.

There's a dinner planned for Thursday 20th October, making wheelchairs on Saturday 8th October and Canteen Bandanna Day at the end of the month.

The next meeting will be this Tuesday at 1pm.

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Thursday, 15 September 2005

International Dinner heating food?

Hi guys

We were talking about the international dinner at the meeting on Tuesday - UWA can't lend us any heating appliances, but they suggested we contact Hendies Party Hire in Claremont. They have a hot box for $95, which would fit all the dishes, or Chaffing dishes, which fit 2 or 3 dishes for $30.

Alternatively we could get a Bain Marie which are different sizes - an 8 pot dry bain marie is $60. I think this is probably what we're wanting - it's a bit like a buffet food warmer. I will phone them tomorrow and ask about delivery of equipment etc, and whether they can give us a discount (eg free delivery etc) as we are a non-profit organisation.

If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!


Kylie 0422 233 022

Wednesday, 14 September 2005

New search feature...

Just a quick note to say look up! At the very top of the page there is now a
'Search This Blog' that allows you to search the posts using Google. For
example, try 'minutes' and you'll get all of the minutes that have been
posted to the blog (note that you'll also get this post, since I've used the
word minutes too often).

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Week 7 Minutes (late, oops!)

Hi guys!
Really sorry i just realised that the Meeting Minutes for Week 7 had not been sent through to the web page. So here it is (extremely late however) in case some of you would like to catch up on what had been discussed!
Attendance: Lauren Basanovic, Kylie Kerin, Sara Adhitya, Sarah Zhang, Carly White, Tara, Joshua King, Dominik, Robin and Julie
Guests: Victoria, Annie and Annie from CANTEEN
* The visit to the Wheelchair Factory was a huge success! UWA Rotoract donated $200 to the cause, which should go directly into producing 2-3 wheelchairs! Lauren shared her photos with us and we are planning to return on Saturday the 8th of October to actually assist in building a couple of wheelchairs!
* Kylie has contacted South Perth Rotoract about getting a team together to help out at the 2005 TELETHON in the phone room. She has expressed that it is heaps of fun and includes meeting celebrities and the telethon children and an invitation to the channel 7 after party!
* One representative from UWA Rotoract will be welcome at the West Perth Rotoract meetings. This includes a delicious breakfast and the chance to learn more about their club and what they do.
* Tara and Carly attended the last Dial a Santa meeting. It was discussed that we should think about which charities we would like it to be in aid of. They should be medically related to children. We should also think about how we are going to go about with the advertising. Please post any suggestions.
* The girls from Canteen shared with us a bit about the organisation. They brought along samples of the bandannas we will be selling Tues lunchtime 28th October. $10 for Designer bandannas and $3 for the normal ones! It will both raise public awareness and money for Canteen Programs.

Meeting Minutes Week 9

Attendance: Lucy, Josh, Kylie, Lauren and Sarah
Apologies: Jess and Heather
* 8th October Building Wheelchairs for Kids at the Wheelchair factory!
* Josh attended a membership meeting recently at the Dome Subiaco. Present were representatives from Subi, Darlington and South Perth Rotary. Much was discussed concerning how to boost membership numbers. Some ideas included more contact with highschools and interact clubs in order to introduce them to Rotaract.
* Lucy is organising a social and networking event - a international food night! So far a tentative booking has been made for the 20th of October. Everyone will be required to bring a plate of food from a country of choice. A raffle may be organised to raise money so if anyone knows of any local businesses that may be interested in making  a donation please let us know! If everyone could think about decorations and music! Please come to our next meeting so we can discuss further!
* As for the Bandanna selling for Canteen, the next step is getting to posters stamped and getting a PA system set up. Remember be ready to sell bandannas on the 25th October.
* Next meeting 4th October. May Tannock. 1st week back from the break!
Sarah Zhang

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Update: Telethon and West Perth Rotary

Hi peeps!

West Perth Rotary Meetings
29th Sept - Jessica Harris
6th October - Kylie Kerin

Telethon - i have been advised that all the phone rooms are now full and that we really needed to nominate by about july to get in, so there's definitely some food for thought for next year. However, i'm sure we can all do our bit, and maybe make a small donation to Telethon.

Kylie :)

Monday, 12 September 2005

Meeting reminder

As usual, there's a meeting (to my knowledge) tomorrow at 1pm. In the May
Tannock Room above the Guild Refectory (or otherwise in the Café Acorn next

See you there.

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Sunday, 11 September 2005

Blogging for promotion and communication

Welcome to members of other clubs who may be visiting! Our Blog experiment is nearly three months old and is getting quite successful. I believe this is a good model for other clubs to consider following because it's dynamic, automatic and easy to update.
Drop me a line if you want more info, or if you set one up I'll link to it here. The address is
Did I mention that it's free?

Membership 'summit'

Members of all four Rotaract clubs in Western Australia met today to discuss membership and marketing issues to enable further growth of all clubs. It was a great turnout.
Much was discussed, including the growing importance of the web versus traditional media, cooperation to attract members by way of Joint Interest Nights, and having a single marketing image. We discussed using newspapers, events, radio and the websites for publicity.
It was also a chance to update each other on the goings-on of each club, more on those later.
Thanks to Hassan for organising and taking minutes.

Thursday, 1 September 2005

Telethon 2005

To all Rotaractors in Western Australia!

Ever wanted to do something good for the community? Ever had a secret desire to work in a call centre? Ever thought you'd look kinda cute wearing one of those headsets whilst talking on the phone and typing on a computer? Ever wanted to be on TV?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we want you! Telethon 2005 is calling for volunteers to help out in the call centre for the Telethon Weekend, answering calls from the public and taking their donations. Rotaract has been involved in this in the past, and from all reports has had a fantastic time. As a volunteer you will have access to the Telethon broadcasting area, freebies to sit in the audience and you may be able to schmooze with some of the celebs and other volunteers at the Telethon After Party at the end of the big event!

I will be sending in a group registration for Rotaract, so please phone, email or comment to this blog and let me know if you are interested. I don't know how many of us they will need, so i'll be taking names in order of who responds to me first!

Keep smiling

0422 233 022