Sunday, 24 July 2005

Week 2 Bulletin

Hello all,

Here is a summary of what's been going on with the Rotaract Club of UWA this
week. We start with a meeting on Tuesday, leading to planning of some
upcoming events, and interactions with other Rotaract clubs.

More detailed information on all of this is on our website, follow the links
below, or go directly to:

Leave comments on that site (preferred) or e-mail us at

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Week 1 Meeting Minutes
* This week we had a meeting, the details of which are given here:

Blogger Demo
* I gave a short demo of Blogger -- our web site at that meeting, and
The presentation I used is on our site:

Dinner - Wednesday 10 August
* Lauren has set up a dinner for the 10th with the Subiaco Rotaract Club.
Please RSVP by e-mail or by leaving a comment:

Dial A Santa Meeting
* The Dial-A-Santa project (arranging Christmas visits) is getting organised
again. Members who wish to contribute are invited to a meeting this

South Perth Rotaract Karaoke
* Richard from South Perth is inviting us to Karaoke. If anyone's interested
leave a comment or e-mail me and I'll forward it along:

See you next week!

[South Perth] Anyone up for dinner with Sara on Saturday?

Hello all!!

Anyone up for some Karaoke action next weekend? I'd like to see the Rotaract
clubs of WA battle it out for an inaugral Karaoke singing championship!! Who
knows? It may prompt people to audition for Idol next year!!

Let me know if anyone is interested. I was thinking either Friday or
Saturday evening?

AND... I expect you to be there too Julia!! I'm sure you have a beautiful
singing voice!!

Richard Taylor
South Perth Rotaract

Friday, 22 July 2005

Dial a santa meeting Thursday 28th July

Hello all,

The next Dial -A- Santa meeting will be held on Thursday week the 28th of
July at 7.30pm at the Dome Cafe on Mends street next to the Windsor hotel.

The Dial -A- Santa project is a Rotaract project in which santa visits are
arranged with the proceedings going to a children's charity. It is a
longstanding project run by the Rotaract clubs of Western Australia and has
been running continuously in WA since 1981.

You can find an overview of the project at

Veronica, Simone and I met last Wednesday to start putting the wheels into
motion. I have put my hand up to coordinate the project as chair but we need
hands on deck to take bookings from the public, publicise the event and send
out press releases to the media including radio and newspapers, seek
volunteers to be santas and helpers and coordinate suit bookings.

We are also looking at beneficiaries for the proceeds of the project this
year. We have recently been in support of the clown doctors.

If anyone would like to help out please come along!! It is a very worthwhile
project but we do need volunteers for it to succeed.

It would be great to see representatives from all rotaract clubs.


Richard Taylor
South Perth Rotaract

Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Dinner- UWA and Subiaco Rotaract

Hi all,

An invitation to all rotaract members!!


Wednesday August 10th
Meet 8pm (out the front)
Sicilian Restaurant
Hay st Subiaco

This will be great fun night for all UWA members to get together and to meet out Subiaco Rotaract friends. Please do all come along
A bonus also being scrumptious Italian food is half price and wine is provided!

Please RSVP by adding a comment to this post or via emailing

See you all there


Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Blogger presentation

Attached is a PowerPoint presentation which explains a little more (with pictures) how to update this website.
The movie version requires Apple QuickTime.
The slides version requires Microsoft PowerPoint.

Download Movie version (2MB, 30sec), PowerPoint version (1MB).

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Meeting Minutes 19 July 2005

We had our first meeting of the semester today. Below are the minutes of this meeting.

Attendance: Lauren, Kylie, Joshua, Sara, Dominik.
Apologies: None.

Firstly we welcome back Kylie from Canada. Our past president will take on the Club Service Director vacated by Ania.
Joshua gave a presentation on using the Blog, our new web site. He will put this presentation on the site soon. He will also add some more important links and information to the site.
Lauren discussed some plans for this semester, including a dinner, a visit to the Wheelchair for Kids workshop, a car rally. Many will be in association with Subiaco Rotaract.
The dinner will be on a Wednesday, and possibly combined with a visit to Subiaco Rotaract.
The visit to the wheelchair factory will be on Saturday 6 August at 10am. A car pool will leave from the campus tavern, so meet there. Please RSVP beforehand.
The next meeting will be in a fortnight's time, Tuesday 2 August at 1pm. We're going to book room G209 this time.

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Monday, 18 July 2005

President's Mid Year Update- Our Achievements and Thank you

Hello Rotaract members, Friends of the Club and all interested citizens,

This midyear recap gives a brief summary of events, activities and milestones UWA Rotaracthas achieved so far in 2005….

UWA Orientation day the biggest new member recruitment and promotional day for UWA Rotaract in the calendar.
Giving up their precious last days of the holidays our 2004 Committee worked tirelessly preparing flyers, posters, banners and people to for the UWA Rotaract stall.
Over 30 members were recruited on paper and wonderful publicity given to the club!

Special thank you to Josh, Jessica, Sara, Lucy and Julie for all your work.

A wonderful turn out for our Annual General Meeting.
Lucy (President UWA Rotaract 2004) gave us her last address.
A new and enthusiastic team committee and member team was voted in.

Our mentors and friends at Nedlands Rotary invited Rotaract members us to compete in the annual Nedlands Rotary vs Lions Club lawn bowls night.
A UWA Rotaract team showed up in force, finding the sport harder than it looked and great fun.
Nedlands Rotary in their generous fashion held that UWA Rotaract won our division, giving us a with the prize of dozen WA wines for our club.
The night was capped off with a BBQ.

Thank you Nedlands Rotary for the evening and Carly, Josh, Julie, Ania, Lucy, Lauren as our Rotaract team.

At our annual handover dinner the reigns of UWA Rotaract are handed from the old committee to the new committee.
Held at in Sienna’s Italian Restaurant Leederville this was a night of wine, lovely Italian food, gelare (mm) and reflection on our 2004 achievements
Attended by are new and old members and some of our District representative, old and it was an enjoyable night.

The Rotaract Executive organizing an annual charity BBQ on UWA grounds
A successful and event with over $400 raised going to the Armadale Domestic Violence Unit to support the prevention, protection and recovery of domestic violence and its victims.

Thank you to Coles, Woolworths, Dewsons and UWA guild donating their produce for this event.
Special thank you also to Carly, Susi, Jessica, Ania, Josh, Sara, Tara, Lauren ,Julie and Heather for all your tireless contributions.

Members of our Rotaract team gave up their morning to shake tins and donated for the Radio Lollipop appeal.
All contributions greatly appreciated and helping Radio Lollipop to bring some laughter to the Kids in WA hospitals.

All proceeds going to the Wheelchairs for kids charity to build wheelchairs for land mine victims in developing nations

Our Club service Director (Ania) organized our Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy movie night at Windsor Cinema Nedlands. Rotaract members selling tickets to friends, family and students.
With over 50 people attending a record amount of funds was raised.

Special thank you to Windsor cinemas for your help and Ania and Jessica for the organizing and Rotaract members for the great ticket selling!

Our district representative (Lucy Shea) hold an engaging afternoon of Rotaract training.
A lot was learnt about the inspiring achievements of other Rotarians, Rotaract aims, experiences and processes of Rotaract.
Our new 2005 team met Subiaco Rotaract members, discussed planning some events together and shared experiences
A lovely afternoon tea and dinner capping off an enjoyable Sunday afternoon

Thanks Lucy, Jessica, Dominik, Josh, Susi, Heather, Lauren and Julie for attending to represent our club.

The Community Service Director (Carly) and Publications officer (Tara) organized this event raising money for the Cancer Council of WA.
On a cold winter morning before sunrise some dedicated Rotaract members distributed fundraising boxes to all cafes at UWA.
A record amount of money by our club, with all of it going to help in cancer research.

Thank you to UWA guild president (Nat Hepburn) for your help and Carly, Sally, Lucy and Lauren for greeting up in the freezing hours on June to help.

Myself (Lauren Basanovic) and a partner were invited by Mike Burrell to our the Nedlands Rotary Black tie changeover dinner.
It was a traditional Rotary evening of jovial laughter appointing of a new board, rewarding of Rotarians for their contributions, recognition and reaffirmation of Rotary International values.
Our Club was recognised by the Nedlands club and discussion with the Youth representative about increasing our ties

Thank you for a enjoyable evening Nedlands Rotary

Our District representative (Lucy Shea and partner) attended the Annual Rotary District Dinner.
From all reports again a lovely event was experience with Rotary goals and experiences and achievements recognized
The theme for Rotary International 2005 “Service Above Self’ was also announced

Thank you for an inspiring evening Rotary International

Myself (Lauren Basanovic) and a partner were invited to West Perth Rotary Changeover dinner.
A lovely, traditional and enjoyable black tie evening.
Again West Perth Rotary highlighting and asking me to pass in the invitation of all rptat member to attend their meetings and our club to get involved helping ut in their events (something we will arrange this semester).
Thank you for a lovely evening West Perth Rotary.

Wow and that is only in 6 months of 2005 my friends! Just imaging what we can achieve this semester! With chocolate evenings, cancer council bandanna days, social dinners, a car rally and more on the agenda I can not wait.

Thank you once again to all the Rotaract members (including those helping in support capacities), our Rotarian friends, the generous students at UWA and everyone for all your help and enthusiasm and support!

If I have neglected mention a thank you where need I do apologise (logistically all participants were hard to recall) but be assured YOUR SERVICE ABOVE SELF has helped the lives of more people than you know!

See you at our second semester meetings

Lauren Basanovic
President UWA Rotaract 2005

Welcome to 2nd Semester Rotaract!!

Hi all,

Welcome back to second semester of UWA Rotaract 2005. I hope you are all well rested and ready for a great semester of fun and socialising, satisfying charity work and comraderie.

Plans on the books look like a visit to the Wheelchairs for kids Factory, a Chocolate evening, Car rally with Subiaco Rotaract, a few great dinners out as a club, fundraising for Cancer Council bandanna day and presentations from our a rotary scholars and friends…

Thanks to Josh for this great website!!

See everyone at our first meeting back on 19/7

Lauren Basanovic
President UWA Rotaract 2005

Summary of Rotaract from 'the past'

Below is some content that used to exist on previous website. Most of this content belongs to Robin Chen, our former Publications Officer (by the way, the e-mail form still works, feel free to use it!):

Rotaract is a worldwide network of young adults aged between 18-30 offering a range of activities from assisting a variety of community service projects, to social activities and professional development. This club, will be the only club at UWA that offers these three activities.

Why not join us in achieving Rotaract's motto:
'Fellowship through Service' !

About Rotaract
Rotaract is part of Rotary International. There are currently over 165 000 Rotaractors in more than 7000 Rotaract clubs in 151 countries. A Rotaractor is the formal term we use to denote a member of a Rotaract club. So becoming a Rotaractor will not only mean you can form close ties with young adults in Perth but also around the world!

Being a Rotaractor will mean you will have access to an incredible network of business and community leaders within Rotary which will assist you to develop as a person and provide insight into businesses and careers you may be interested in.

As a Rotaractor, you will work to develop and assist with a variety of community projects, which will assist you in your life skills and in becoming a leader in the community.

We are in District 9450 with the Rotaract Club of Subiaco and our sponsoring clubs are the Rotary Clubs of West Perth and Nedlands.

Our constitution [174KB - PDF file]

This year (Joshua: 2004), the Rotaract Club of UWA will endeavour to:
  • have various social activities from river side barbecues to formal dinners
  • have opportunities to listen and meet with members of several professions to gain insight into work life and
  • participate in community service projects such as providing sporting equipment to the underprivileged.
About UWA
The University of Western Australia (UWA) was established in 1911 and has now become one of Australia's most prestigious educational institutions. It is a member of Australia's 'Group of Eight' leading research-intensive universities. The university has over 15 000 students in nine faculties covering 65 hectares.

The UWA main campus is located in Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. It is situated along the Swan River and overlooked by Kings Park. Perth is a multicultural city with a population of over 1.3 million and was ranked the third best city to live in a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Flanked by the Indian Ocean, Perth has beautiful beaches and a warm Mediterranean climate.

For more information about UWA, please see:

The University of Western Australia

UWA International Centre

For more information about Perth, Western Australia, please see:

Western Australian Tourism Commission - Perth

Lonely Planet - Destination Perth
What's On in Perth and Fremantle

Club Officers
Nedlands Rotarian Roger Hughes is a Honorary Life Member!!

Below are the officer duties outlined in the Rotaract Constitutional By-Laws:
  • President: The President shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the club and the board of directors. He/she shall, with the approval of the board, appoint all standing and special committees and, in the event of a vacancy in the board of directors, shall, with the approval of the board, fill such vacancy by appointment until the next regular election of the club. He shall be an ex officio member of all committees. He/she shall maintain communication with the sponsor club and the District Rotaract representative to ensure they are continually informed of all actions taken by the club.
  • Vice President: The Vice-President shall succeed to the office of President in the event of removal of the latter for whatever cause, and in the absence of the president, shall preside at all meetings of the club and of the board.
  • Secretary: The Secretary shall maintain all club records, keep minutes of all the meetings of the club and of the board of directors, and provide copies of such to the chairman of the sponsor Rotary club's Rotaract committee.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have custody of all club funds, maintaining all necessary records and depositing all such funds in a bank approved by the board of directors. He/she shall report on the club's financial status at each meeting of the club and shall hold all records available for inspection by any club member. All disbursements shall be by cheque and with the signature of two authorised officers
There will also be a director of each of the club committees, who will oversee the general running of these committees.
  • Club service: attendance, membership, programs, fellowship, public relations related to the club.
  • International Service: enhancing knowledge and understanding of worldwide needs, problems and opportunities and developing activities to give service for promoting international understanding and goodwill toward all people.
  • Community Service: enhancing knowledge and understanding of community needs, problems and opportunities and developing appropriate activities for serving the community (including the university community).
  • Professional Development: developing a program designed to provide information about a wide cross-section of businesses and professions and to stimulate awareness and acceptance of high ethical standards in business and professional life.
  • Finance: devise ways and means of financing any and all club activities requiring funds, in cooperation with the appropriate committee.
Would like to join us?

You can email us at, or come to our meetings which happen every second week.

"Volunteering will improve things for each and every one of us. It feels good to help those that are less fortunate and give them the opportunity to improve their situation."
-- Suzanne Wetzel, Rotaract Club of New York, New York, USA

"I have gained friendships all over the world, professional contacts, and the possibility to serve my community and enrich my social and leadership skills."
-- Oliver Lange, Rotaract Club of Offenburg, Germany

"It helps in my overall development, and at the same time I get the pleasure of serving community, making it a better and more enjoyable place to live in for everyone."
-- Vaneeta Kaur Grover, Rotaract Club of Hamilton-McMaster, Ontario, Canada

Rotaract Program - information from the Rotary website
Rotaract News [PDF link]
Yahoo! Groups: rotaractnet - email group for Rotaractors
Yahoo! Groups: rotaractwa - email group for Rotaractors in WA.
Rotaract WA - Santa Project
Rotaract in Australia

Rotary International

Community Organisations
Muscular Dystrophy Association of WA
Silver Chain
Carers WA
Motor Neurone Disease Association

Perth Links
Perth Regional Web Portal

Need more info?
Then please email us at

Our postal address is:

Rotaract Club of UWA
Box 81
UWA Student Guild
Hackett Drive

Or fill in this form.

We will attend to your queries ASAP.
All fields are required.


Again, thanks to Robin Chen for maintaining the web site 2002-2004.

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Meeting reminder

A quick reminder that there will be a meeting tomorrow at 1pm in the Social
Sciences South room G210.

I've spoken to Lauren (President) and will be giving a short demo on how
members can make this website their own.

See you there.

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Return to Semester Bulletin

Hello all!

The semester starts Monday at uni I hope you're all getting ready for it.
We shall have a meeting on Tuesday as planned -- Tuesday 19th July at 1pm in Social Sciences South G210. As always, meet us outside if the room is busy, please don't run away!

Shameless plug for Google's new satellite imagery: if you don't know where our meeting is, it's in the centre of this link:,115.819159&spn=0.005371,0.006747&t=k&hl=en

We hope to be setting ourselves up for a great semester, following from our proposed cooperation with Subiaco Rotaract on a couple of projects.

Don't forget that our new website is now up and running and members can contribute to it -- not just me! If you didn't get the instructions or want any help let me know.

Our new website is at:

Ania, who has now travelled to Queensland, was the first non-me to post to the website, check out her message here:

From now on this bulletin will also appear on the website, along with minutes and anything YOU want to post.

Here's to a good semester, and see you Tuesday.

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA

Friday, 1 July 2005

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone;
Ania here direct from Brisbane (flew in 3 hours ago actually); sorry i couldnt make it to that last meeting and the dinner thing fell through, i didnt actually know there was a dinner thing until Carly told me.
Having researched a little about this uni i am now forced to go to; i think there is NO ROTARACT club. Shocking isnt it?
Anyway, i hope you keep my up to date with this blog; its a great idea!!
Love you all;
(Ex-Club Commitee Director)