Thursday, 30 June 2005

Welcome to our new, improved website

Hi all, it's Joshua your faithful Membership/Internet officer here, welcoming you to our new, improved website!

This is what people call a blog -- basically an online diary that you can attach comments, notes and photos to without having to know anything about web sites. If you can use your webmail, you can update this site (hopefully taking some of the pressure off me!).

Plus blogs just look better.

Current members, I will e-mail instructions as to how you can get involved with this site (sorry the bulletins are a month behind!).

New members and friends of Rotaract Club of UWA, tell us what you think! Leave a comment (you can be anonymous) by clicking the Comment link below. Otherwise you can also e-mail us at our usual address.

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA