Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Presidents Mid Year Update

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone’s exams went well and no lecturers are on your hit list for giving a hard exam. However now that exams are over I say we get together and begin organising next semester, so that we start the semester with a big bang.

Next Meeting
To get the ball rolling we can meet at my house next Tuesday the 4th July to organise our plan of attack and we can order pizzas for dinner and watch a few movies if we feel like it and go to Mullaloo for a nice cold Corona.

After the meeting we can plan somewhere to go for dinner somewhere, Subiaco way. There is a bloody tasty restaurant called Wagga Wammas and we can all gather there for a bloody brilliant dinner and a few laughs.

Cadbury Chocolates
Our Cadbury Chocolates are due, so if I haven’t already called you to meet up for the chocolates could you please call me so that I can collect the money and pay off Cadbury

Youth Focus
Our final total for Youth Focus will be reached soon, so that total will be handed over to Youth Focus soon.

Thankyou Letters
If anyone can think of someone that still has not been given a thankyou letter for the sausage sizzle let me know and we can work out how to give them a thankyou.

Semester Events
Great Race
Movie Night
Possible Rotaract Ball or some sort of fundraising function

Enjoy your holidays and lets get cranking!!!