Tuesday, 25 July 2006

National Tree Day Sunday 30th
National Tree Day is Australia's biggest community tree-planting event.
Organised nationally each year by Planet Ark in association with Toyota and the AMP Foundation.

SCHOOLS TREE DAY- Friday 28th July
NATIONAL TREE DAY - Sunday 30th July

More than 350,000 volunteers celebrated National Tree Day's tenth birthday last year by giving the environment the best gift of all - the planting of one and a half million native trees and shrubs at 4,000 sites around Australia.
2,500 schools were involved in last year's event. Tree Day shows children how easy it is to help the environment, and that's what National Tree Day is all about.
Tree Day 2005 helped to repair, revegetate and restore Australia's landscape, with people from all walks of life coming together to green up Australia.
Last year, for the first time, Australians made a huge difference in their own backyards by purchasing thousands of Tree Day backyard planting packs from Coles. The planting of these local native trees will help to provide food and shelter for Australia's wildlife.
Thanks to last year's effort, the total number of trees planted since 1996 is over 9 million.Let's make this year even better as we plant our 10 millionth tree!
For more information on joining in on the day phone the National Tree Day Hotline on:
Tel 1300 88 5000