Friday, 27 October 2006



This is Neil here and I have been presented with an amazing opportunity that inspired me to get involved and share it with Rotaract, as I need help from willing people to become facilitators and to take on a leading role in the project.

I have been asked to represent our State of WA on a Nationwide initiative called Project Australia, that aims to organise a nation-wide night of discussion to be held on 2nd of December 2006 for young people, asking the simple question of “what can we do about the future of Australia.”

On December 2, 2006, people in towns and cities around Australia will assemble in small groups to discuss what concerns them most about where Australia is heading and what they can do to create a better future.

I sent this to you because I know you might be interested and intrigued about what happens in Australia and the wider world. And it is something simple and relatively painless to get involved in. The idea is for facilitators to offer to host one of these meetings, with a map of meetings generated across Australia showing that youth do care, we are engaged and we do have opinions that count.

The night aims to stimulate new connections, ideas and directions forward for people who want to create a better state and Australia. The motivation was inspired by experiences of youth who feel misrepresented by left wing activism, frightened by neo-liberal ideology, distressed with religious conservatism and wary of joining an all-consuming political party. (This Project is not associated with any political party)

This is a totally new venture that has never been attempted by the youth of Australia and if you could read it and identify a few people that would be interested that would be brilliant.

We have an opportunity to make a difference or at least have some fun in the process and I am seeking any interested people willing to take on a leadership role and become a facilitator that is willing to host a meeting on December the 2nd for up to 12 or so people to discuss any and all issues they feel are relevant to the future of our country.

More information can be found at the projects website at

Cheers Neil