Friday, 20 July 2007

Rotaract International Dinner

Hey people,
This is your el Pres, just hoping you can all make it and on that note below is a list of all the food that is being brought or that needs to be brought. Each food item has the persons name next to it and we are in the need for more finger food so does someone feel like bringing spring rolls and curry puffs and another person please bring sushi and dorritos and salsa dip. Also in need of more desert because lets face it that is the best bit.

Also importantly we need someone to bring drink. So one person please spend $20 dollars on fizzy drink and juice products please and that will count as a meal :P Hopefully we will have too much food and will gorge ourselves to death.

And while I have your attention a big thankyou to our two International Coordinators Marilyn and Emily, thanks for all the hard work.

DATE: Saturday, July 21
TIME: 6:30pm
LOCATION: VP Cindy's place,
Unit #6, 70 Mount Street
West Perth
PARKING: Free Street Parking Nearby
INFO: To get into Cindy’s Apartment from the lobby, please dial 6. You can
also call their mobile but please email me to obtain them
SPECIAL: RSVP Neil with food and bring food dish and
international like costume if you feel the need.

Menu List
Calzones = Kaitlyn
Spring Rolls = NEED SOMEONE
Curry Puffs = NEED SOMEONE

Garlic Bread = Andrew
Brushetta = Andrew
Dorritos and Salsa Dip

Salmon Pie = Marilyn

Mushroom Chicken Parcels = Neil

Lasagne = Emily
Stir Fry with Noodles
Lamb Korma = Tamisha and Brett
Curry = Gillian
Italian Dish = Melissa
Mauritian Dish = Stephanie Pascal
Cannelloni = NEED SOMEONE
Beef Stroganov = NEED SOMEONE

Profiteroles = Rosie
Vanilla Slice = Kathryn
Date Sweet = Gillian
Muffins = Kaitlyn

Your el Pres is also making a bundle of pancakes for your eating pleasure, although they are being used for nefarious purposes in an eating competition of joy!!

So there you have it all the details and all the food and if you are bringing nothing and want to come just drop me a line and we can add you to the list or find something to bring!!!

Cheers Neil