Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Week 7 Minutes (late, oops!)

Hi guys!
Really sorry i just realised that the Meeting Minutes for Week 7 had not been sent through to the web page. So here it is (extremely late however) in case some of you would like to catch up on what had been discussed!
Attendance: Lauren Basanovic, Kylie Kerin, Sara Adhitya, Sarah Zhang, Carly White, Tara, Joshua King, Dominik, Robin and Julie
Guests: Victoria, Annie and Annie from CANTEEN
* The visit to the Wheelchair Factory was a huge success! UWA Rotoract donated $200 to the cause, which should go directly into producing 2-3 wheelchairs! Lauren shared her photos with us and we are planning to return on Saturday the 8th of October to actually assist in building a couple of wheelchairs!
* Kylie has contacted South Perth Rotoract about getting a team together to help out at the 2005 TELETHON in the phone room. She has expressed that it is heaps of fun and includes meeting celebrities and the telethon children and an invitation to the channel 7 after party!
* One representative from UWA Rotoract will be welcome at the West Perth Rotoract meetings. This includes a delicious breakfast and the chance to learn more about their club and what they do.
* Tara and Carly attended the last Dial a Santa meeting. It was discussed that we should think about which charities we would like it to be in aid of. They should be medically related to children. We should also think about how we are going to go about with the advertising. Please post any suggestions.
* The girls from Canteen shared with us a bit about the organisation. They brought along samples of the bandannas we will be selling Tues lunchtime 28th October. $10 for Designer bandannas and $3 for the normal ones! It will both raise public awareness and money for Canteen Programs.