Thursday, 23 February 2006

Post O'Day, Pre-1st meeting meeting...

Hi guys!

Thanks to everyone who's been working hard to make O'Day a success this year, especially to Jessica who has taken the organisational reigns while President Lauren has been away.

I'm hosting a brief meeting at my place this Sunday morning at 11am to run through some practicalities for the first meeting. We just need to put together an agenda and decide what sort of food and beverages we want to provide for the crew at our first meeting. It's ok if you can't come Sunday - I just figure that more heads are better than mine alone :)

Anyway, come over to my place at 11am. If you don't have my address already drop me an email at and i'll let you know or you can find out from Jess tomorrow at O'Day. Have a great time, sorry I can't be there!

Cheers :)