Saturday, 29 April 2006



We have a $40 voucher from Woolworths Booragoon! Can anyone get it for the club and purchase some cans of drink?

Anyone bringing things or helping organize important things meet early morning poss 10:00 am or even earlier on the corner of Oak Lawn near Guild and Social Sciences Building.

Need volunteers on day to cook and sell so please post a comment on blog or send email when you are free to help out!


Publications - Daniel
Daniel is organising posters with prices on for the day. And we are also receiving a banner from Youth Focus Tuesday morning, along with some brochures.

Occupational Health and Safety - Liz
Liz can you please see the Occ Health and Safety people about the BBQ to get clearance. ie ensure we have all the fire safety stuff.

Storage Space in Guild Catering - Kylie
Kylie can you see if we have been granted some space to store our stuff.

Cadbury Chocolates - Neil
Chocolates are located near uni and i will bring along to the bbq to sell as many as we can. Each box will also have info attached about who we selling to.

Our Rotary Banner
Who has it? Can you please bring to the BBQ

Steve, Jamaica and Neil are raiding local bakery's on Monday night for and bread or rolls donations. Can Anyone else do this? If you can, send me an email, call or me or leave a comment on the blog. More people raiding bakeries the better!!

Rach has 5kg of sausages, lauren has 60 bbq sausages! Whoever brings sausages must ice them straight away to keep fresh. Hopefully have storage space in guild catering fridge. Kylie organising us possible space.

Lauren and Steve have onions covered between them. But we need volunteers to help cut them all up? Anyone willing to take some home and cut them up will receive them on Monday and bring them to uni Tuesday morning!

Cooking Oil
Jamaica and Lauren have that covered. Lauren has x2 bottles. Please bring before 11:30 on Tuesday so we can start the cook up.

Lauren and Jamaica have napkins covered.

Serving Trays
4 Serving trays by Lauren

Lauren has 2 x 1 litres of sauce. Neil might be able to get more. If anyone can grab sauces, mustard and tomato would be brilliant.

Need people to bring down eskies, to store all the drinks in! Lauren has 3 and need a couple more. Ice can be purchased on the day to fill them up and keep them cold.

Some provided by Guild Catering but can everyone also bring an extra pair of tongs.

Brilliant!! I will see everyone on Tuesday and might even be calling those with a car to help purchase cans of soft drink and sausages over the weekend. If I missed anything just send me an email, call or leave a comment on the blog. Also roster of who can help out on the day will be sent by email tomorrow and posted on the blog. So please send info about when available.