Friday, 28 April 2006


Poor Pip, Donatello and the Cabinet who will spend hours fixing that hair stlye!

Our Pre-Drinks Meeting & Teenage Mutant Ninja Tertle Night was a great success. Champagne was flowing, turkish bread disappeared and Tertles were falling on their backs everywhere. We had a big turn out for the event, with it being our first Guest Speaker. However the relaxed manner, helped deal with the sombre issue of youth sucide which our special Guests, Amy and Katie, from Youth Focus helped explore. It was an informative and social night, where we now have some idea of how Youth Focus helps youth in need.

A big thankyou to Amy and Katie for coming and chatting to us and even the daggy game was a good laugh! A special thankyou to Liz for purchasing all the essentials and setting up the night and Lauren for arriving in the nik of time with the all important champagne glasses. Cheers to everyone that attended and I hope you had a good night. Now lets get stuck into helping out Youth Focus.