Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Sign up for West Perth Rotary Meetings!

Hi everyone!

I have an exciting opportunity for Rotaractors here - we have been warmly invited by West Perth Rotary (one of our sponsoring clubs) to have a Rotaractor along at their regular club meetings, free of charge to us. You are served with a delicious breakfast, and it is your time to get to know one of our co-sponsoring clubs better, and meet, chat and laugh with the members of West Perth that make some important and inspirational things happen in the community.

All you need to do is choose the date or dates that suit you - you can go along as many times as you like - they love getting to know us as well - and just comment back to me, so i can work out the best times for everyone involved without getting clashes every week!

When: every Thursday morning, 7 for 7:30 start (about 7:15 is fine) It should finish by 8:30am

Where: the beautiful Tawarri Reception Centre (Esplanade Street, down Broadway towards Steve's Hotel, go through the roundabout next to Steve's and turn right onto Esplanade Street once you've driven past the hotel. Keep going aaaall the way down that road until you get to Tawarri).

So here's a list of the dates of Thursdays, check your diaries, and give me up to 3 dates you'd like to go. You don't have to go along, but it's a lot of fun, and helps to make more meaning for Rotaractors and Rotarians alike when we can share our experiences (plus you get a really good free breakfast :))

Thursday 1st September
Thursday 8th September
Thursday 15th September
Thursday 22nd September
Thursday 29th September
Thursday 6th October
Thursday 13th October
Thursday 20th October
Thursday 27th October
Thursday 3rd November
Thursday 10th November
Thursday 17th November

Exams start on Saturday 5th November and finish Saturday 19th November, but that shouldn't interfere too much - it's just an hour at breakfast time!

Cheers guys!