Sunday, 28 August 2005

This week's bulletin!

Hi all,

There will be a meeting this week on Tuesday at 1pm, upstairs from the Ref.
Either in the Café Acorn or one of the rooms next door (we'll use the rooms
if they're free). Look out for us and we'll see you there!

There should be a lot to discuss, because a lot has gone on in the last
couple of weeks. I attended bingo with some members of Subiaco Rotaract, we
had the visit to the wheelchair factory on Saturday (how did that go?) and
meetings have started for Dial-A-Santa. And we can't forget karaoke (okay I
guess we can if no-one went?).

If you attended any of these events (or ones I don't know about) post a
report of it to our blog! If you don't know how yet send me an e-mail or post a comment on the blog itself.

Be sure to visit our blog frequently -- I'm sticking with the new address so

Also Kylie has posted (thanks Kylie!) that West Perth Rotary are happy to
have us for breakfast at any time. I think the best method to say you'll be
going (Thursday mornings, 1 Rotaractor a week, free!) is to leave a comment
under Kylie's entry on the blog at:

Until next time,

Joshua King
Membership/Internet Officer
Rotaract Club of UWA