Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Rotaractors: What to bring to International Dinner

Rotaractors please comment on this article!!!

Please select a country and nominate a dish for the upcoming International
Dinner on Thursday 20 October.

Please also let us know whether you will be attending, and if you will be
bringing anyone.

We really need good support for this part to make the event a success.

Suggested types of food
* Italian, eg. Risotto (Lucy)
* Indian, eg. Curry
* German
* Eastern European
* Mexican
* Australian
* American
* Turkish/Greek/Mediterranean - eg. Turkish bread, olive oil and dukkah
* Chinese
* Japanese - eg. Sushi
* Thai/Vietnamese/South East Asian - eg. Rice paper rolls

Other food/drink
* Bread
* Biscuits
* Chips/dips
* Wine (we have red, will purchase white)
* Soft drink

We will be hiring food warmers. We also need to organise plates, cutlery,
serviettes, cups.

Joshua on behalf of Lucy Shea
International Service Director
Rotaract Club of UWA