Friday, 21 October 2005


Thanks to everyone for making the international dinner a great night last night!

Thanks Julie for turning up early and helping me set up, Kylie for organising the warmer and to everyone for bringing food.

We got a donation of $50 to put towards the Pakistan Relief fund, so the night had a bit of a fundraiser element too.

Unfortunately I won't be around for any more UWA Rotaract meetings now as I finish uni this year, won't be here for the dinner after exams and I have to miss the bandana selling unfortunately now too (lunch with the High Court). I might see some of you at the chocolate appreciation evening though, and I'm sure I'll see you around after I join Subi Rotaract. For anyone else finishing uni this year and interested in joining Subi, I'm sure Cynthia would love to hear from you too.

Just one question in relation to the money I spent for last night - do I give you the receipts Jess to get reimbursed?

Thanks again.