Friday, 7 October 2005

Wheelchair for Kids - 8th October Visit

Hi all :)
This Saturday 8th of October is a joint Rotaract visit to the Wheelchair for Kids Factory. But.... we are not just visiting we are rolling up our sleeves to build wheelchairs! This really will be an uplifting, enjoyable experience and each hour you put in will be worth it, contributing to the mobility of a child's life!!
Date: THIS SATURDAY 8th October
When: MEET: AT 9:15 AT UWA TAVERN (to car pool to the factory)
What: Wheelchair BUILDING will take at the factory in Wangara  between 10-2 
Please come along bring, friends, family and all interested, just email moi at to let me know whom you are bringing so i have definate numbers for Brother Olly.
If you wish to make your own way there just email or ring me and i will inform you of the address- meet us there at 10am
See you all there
Lauren Basanovic
President UWA Rotaract 2005

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