Thursday, 30 March 2006


Info on Different Youth Suicide Groups operating in Australia.

Well, ive done a bit of research into the yellow ribbon program and things like that as our charity for the year. Turns out that the program was actually started in America after two parents started talking to schools because their son commited suicide. The people who came to talk to my high school were running the same program, but a western australian version. I asked and they're child died of suicide too, so they got involved. So its not western australian, though its run locally. Also looks like they are quite well supported, telstra is behind them as well, so i dont know what everyone thinks but maybe it is better to pick another charity that needs our help a bit more? With yellow ribbon there is yellow ribbons avaliable, help cards, posters and things we can distribute to promote yellow ribbon as well.

So i looked into some other organisations and things too, beyond blue is definately a good one too, completely australian based and every year each state government contributes something to help it keep running because they see the need to help people with depression, though WA is the only state that dosn't contribute anything! Its more focused on depression and they have a really great program for youth, effected by depression, suicide and those just needing help providing counselling and support for youth. They have some great stuff for distribution too, very funky badges, posters, postcards and things. Maybe its a better organisation because we know all the money goes directly to australians needing help, and theres hardly any western australian base, so we could generate a bit of publicity. Check it out and let me know what you think.. the youth initiative the australian wide initiative

and then, theres one more thats a lot more local, Youth Focus, which is a similar organisation again, its completely perth based. Youth Focus is to prevent depression, suicide and deliberate self-harm in young people between 12 and 18 years of age. Youth Focus provides youth-centred, community-based counselling, combined with family therapy and peer support services that are not provided elsewhere in Perth and west oz. They run camps and programs for kids and all that sort of thing. Things that we can help them with to get involved. theres a ball too that we can get people to go to to help raise funds and the have a specially designed umbrella that we can help sell if we want too,

So just things to think about. Get back to me on which charity you think we should support, and i'll organise what i can with them. Thought id just give everyone the opportunity to learn a little more about the people we can help though, no one seemed to know anything about the yellow ribbon program!