Monday, 13 March 2006

Positions in Need of Nominations for 2006!!! Its Not too Late...Nominate Yourself at the Meeting 1pm, Tues 13th March!!

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Get involved!


There’s more to being a part of the Rotaract Club of UWA than simply attending meetings. Find a position from the list below that interests you and help take the club in a positive direction for 2006. The club’s livelihood depends on passionate, motivated people like you to lead the way!



The head honcho of the club. You must be present to chair all meetings and be ready to support, delegate to, represent and motivate the rest of the team. You are also the official representative of the club to communicate with sponsoring Rotary clubs and the community at large.


 Vice President

The VP is the President’s Wingman. You know everything the head honcho knows and offer support and assistance wherever needed. You take the meetings when the Pres can’t make it, and are the keeper of the Club diary for the year ie you liaise with other Rotaract clubs to organise events around important uni and community events.



The Secretary manages all of the club’s correspondence, except for email. You write letters and regularly check the club’s mailbox in the Guild Village. You are also the minute taker at all meetings, which you prepare after each meeting for distribution with the weekly e-newsletter.



The Treasurer holds the golden key to the club’s loot. You must watch and accurately record the money trail, using firm methods of receiving and paying out cash, collating the end of year financial reports and auditing these reports as per Rotaract policy. All training is provided by the guild and the previous treasurer.


Guild Liaison

The Guild Liaison is the communication link between the Guild and our club. You will need to represent the club at monthly Societies (SOC) Council Meetings, and haggle with the rest of the club reps for financial grants and the like. You will also help to get the club involved in Guild events like Club Olympics!


Publications Officer

You are the marketing guru for the club. You manage the website (with assistance from intelligent computer-literate people) and compile the monthly newsletter “The Beak” which is distributed to other clubs and community organisations. You are also the person who knows everything there is to know about printing and producing publicity material (don’t worry, we have a file with all the information in it).


Membership/Email Officer

You are the Rotaract Yoda. You keep the club communicating by making sure all emails are forwarded to the appropriate people, or replied to directly. You produce the weekly email bulletin which goes out to club members, other Rotaract and Rotary clubs and you maintain the contact list and keep track of the club. Good organisational skills are essential for this role.


Committee Director

The committees are the creative hands-on groups in the club. Usually, each Rotaractor is assigned to one or two committees, to bring projects to fruition under the coordination of directors for the following:

Club Service – coordinate club meetings social events and membership formalities

Community Service – coordinate projects to benefit the community

International Service – coordinate projects to benefit the international community, liaise with Rotaract clubs in other countries

Professional Development – coordinate opportunities for professional development/mentoring for the club’s members


Questions? Feel free to contact us by email at or keep checking our website for info: