Tuesday, 28 March 2006

MEETING MINUTES Tuesday 28th March 2006

Apologies: Sara Adhitya
  • 2006 Mission Objectives
    Continue Previous Years Events and Fundraising Efforts
    Build on Last Year Efforts
    Increase Membership Base
    Work closely with other Rotaract Clubs
    Work with other campus social clubs - pool resources
    Target Fundraising Level $7000
  • Changeover Dinner at Dome and Saturday's BBQ was a success. It was an opportunities to discuss ideas for events for this year and meet members from other Rotaract Clubs.
  • Prosh - Wednesday 5th April
A group of us will be going, so join us! Come dressed up in your most outrageous op shop gear and meet at 5am on Oak Lawn. Money will be raised for charity through sales of a student newspaper for a gold coin donation. Rotaract sashes will be organised for everyone to wear and designated drivers as well! Its a fantastic day that ends off with a parade around the city!
  • BBQ Fundraiser - 2nd May
The barbeque will be to raise money for Yellow Ribbon - a Youth Suicide Prevention Program. We will be approaching supermarkets for donations of sausages, sauce, cans, buns and onions. An official letter will be posted out to members that can be passed out to store managers before our next meeting. Please help us in getting some free stuff!
We will also raise money by selling chocolates.
  • Induction Night - Friday 28th April
This is where we will formally induct members and present them with a badge and certificate. We will combine this with our International Dinner, so everyone will bring a dish from a particular country. Each member may also invite up to 3 guests - Parents, Friends etc.  (they dont have to bring a dish!). A $5.00 donation will be required from guests that will go towards a charity.
  • Car Wash - Date: TBA
It was suggested that we could also raise money by organising a car wash held at a Bunnings car park. We can charge $5-8 per car. More planning in future meetings.
  • ECU Interest Night
ECU are starting a Rotaract Club too! They are having an interest night this Thursday 30th March. Neil (President) is definately going so if you would like to tag along let him know! It will be a great opportunity to either learn more about the club or help promote it!!
  • Movie Night - 19th May
This is a south perth fundraiser, tiks $14. We are organising a group of us to go and support them. It is at Belmont Forum shopping centre (Redding Cinemas) and we can all car pool from uni.
  • Other
Our Vice President Kylie will be keeping a club diary of club events. So if you will be organising anything to do with the club ie. meetings or outings, please let her know so that she can keep an account of what is going on!
Also, if there is anything anyone would like to add to the fortnightly newsletter please let Jessica Harris know (our membership/email officer).